New Podcast Episode: Dorm Diaries

Join Quanay and guest co-host Kyndra Crump as they discuss their HBCU dormitory experiences both good and the bad.

Kyndra Crump is a up and coming comedian/tv host hailing from the ATL. You can find her on instagram ( @thekyndracrumpshow) youtube ( Kyndra Crump) spotify, applepodcasts, anchor (The Kyndra Crump Show)

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Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Day 9 of 10 day green Smoothie cleanse

Good afternoon y’all just wanted yall to see the progress!! I am just now finding out that I actually like peppers!! I honestly don’t know why I wouldn’t like peppers but I actually do I had them in the fridge for a salad I planned on making once this Cleanse was up and I’m like “well I wonder what it would be like by itself with other veggies and I’m honestly impressed especially with this avocado ranch dressing???!!! Listening I’m not doing too bad today how are you all doing???

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Day 6- 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Good Morning Everyone😊 How are we?? ( comment below I really wanna know how you all are doing). Just an update yes day 6 six of this Cleanse y’all and I am honestly doing okay..Day 4 was HARD I was craving foods for most the day but I kept telling myself ” I gotta beat my friend who only made it to day 4😅😅😅 so I been hanging on. Day 5 was eventful I was irritable ( it’s expected according to the book) and went off on my siblings SMH. So yeah y’all day 6 we are here! Hanging in there.

What challenges are you on for this month?? What goals have to set to achieve by the end of this month? COMMENT BELOW!!!

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

New Vegan Challenge

Hey everyone, I KNOW I KNOW, “what happened to the gym sis??”… listennn, due to unforeseen circumstances( the passing of my nana ) I ended up ending my training sessions with Lawton a couple of weeks before my trial ended. I honestly wasn’t feeling motivated, I hung on for as long as I could. I am proud of myself that I even went through with it and stuck to it as long as I did. I definitely seen the benefit of having that accountability, if it didn’t cost so much I probably would try to resume buuuuuut my pockets right now ain’t having it…yet. So I had kinda fell off UNTIL I watched this documentary called “What the Health?” on Netflix and guys I quickly decided that I am going VEGAN..well, I am gonna try it for 30 days. To kick start this challenge, I went on amazon and purchased the book, 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith who is a certified nutritionist, NY Times best selling author, and weight loss expert specializing in healthy, fast weight loss.  According to JJ Smith, this cleanse is made to increase energy, improve overall health, and even clear your mind. This book supplies the preparation, and the motivation to get through the 10 day challenge. So far I am on Day 3. How it basically works is you make a smoothie that you drink 3 times a day along with 64 ounces of water and a choice of snacks throughout the day. I have experienced cravings but not too much, I am hungry but not to the point where I am willing to stray away from the challenge. Pimples have made their appearance, which was anticipated according to the book, acne is apparently one of the body’s way of detoxing the body. In so many words I am hanging in there, after this ten day challenge I will continue as a vegan for the remaining 20 days of June…so here we go, bare with me !!