Ready or Not, Here I come

Father in the name of Jesus,

I come casting down my heart to you, thanking you for seeing me through another day. For keeping me safe from dangers seen and unseen, for your grace and your mercy through all of my short comings and even my transgressions.

You ARE the king of kings, you ARE the Lord of Lords, you ARE my help in the present time of trouble, my way maker, my voice of reason and my strength like no other.

I come asking for forgiveness , for all sins by thought, word, or deed commission and by omission. I’m here confessing to you that I am no where near where I ought to be and that I need you to prepare me. I ask that you heal what’s broken in my heart, that you redirect my focus solely on you, take away all idols that I have put in place of you for they are NOTHING like you.

Give me strength and power during this time to seek you more than ever, not for show or fashion or to prove a point but only to please you. Give me the words to say to you when I pray to you Lord, I don’t want to just pray to say that I prayed but I want it to be pleasing to you.

Lord help me, for I cannot do this all on my own, but you Lord ARE able to do above all I may ask or think so I ask that you have mercy and that you change me oh Lord for your glory and nothing else.

I thank you for what you are already doing, For this wake up call with this pandemic I am ready or not, Lord I am coming after you

In Jesus name


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