The Promissory Note

I always knew what I wanted to do with myself. On my list of priorities,  my career goal was part of the top 3 until the struggles of life pushed them down to the very bottom. The more life and it’s struggles intervened, the further away my goals and dreams drifted out of my focus. I just thought that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. I even tried to make the best of where I am now, done substituted goals and was ready to just settle.I honestly wasn’t even thinking about my career goals until after bible study last night. We were talking about denying our flesh and having on the armor of God when my sister was like basically that we should occupy our minds with our goals. Ya’ll something clicked inside me. I got real emotional and it just made me realize that during this pandemic I could focus on trying AGAIN to go after my dream for the second time around, to prepare for my ultimate career goal: becoming a lawyer. I can prep for the LSAT while sitting here, I can start filling out law school applications, take a step towards what’s already mine. So after bible study y’all, that’s exactly what I started to do… my amazon cart is loaded with up to date prep books, I plan on registering for the LSAT test in October 2020 (when registration opens) and its go time. Mind y’all, I already been to law school but I wasn’t able to return (the curve was real) but you know what? that don’t even matter at this point it’s mine I don’t even care. I say this to say, that this time is perfect to reflect, to see what you truly want y’all, and start making plans so that when this pandemic is over with, we can start making serious moves. Keep trying, it’s not over until God says it’s over. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. So what, if it didn’t work out the first time..shoot even the second or third, it’s never too late. We don’t have to look at others lives and fantasize, it can be ours too!!. This sticky note is one of the things I say to myself every single day the good Lord allows. This sticky note is my “promissory note” promising myself that I will not allow any circumstance to interfere with what I want and what is mine. Life is short as we can see, why settle for what’s handed to us instead of going after our dreams making them our new reality?

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