In the dark.

Sometimes it’s just a feeling.Whether it stems from regret, the cares of everyday life, or even just out of a whirlwind of random emotions regardless….

In the dark.

It can be so confusing. My dad often reminds me that as people particularly as women, we can be overly emotional. I must admit this past week I just been in that “whirlwind of random emotions” (thanks PMS). It was one thought that led to multiple and before I knew it I became very emotional. Perhaps too emotional, in my feelings over things that now, I’m like “really?”. For me, I sometimes struggle with comparing myself to others. I see what others seem to have and it makes me question “what about me?”. I honestly have been doing fine in this area but something triggered it and PMS didn’t help. PMS is not an excuse in my opinion it just amplifies what’s already there so now what?

In the dark.

What do you do when for a moment or should I say in moments you’re clouded with a bunch of emotions that just take you to a whole other place that’s no good?

In the dark.

It’s not easy to see through the heaviness that somethings bring. Although you literally aren’t blind, sometimes your mind is filled with so much you don’t know if you’re going or coming.

In the dark.

But something inside just won’t let me stay in that mindset though. My faith out of no where tells me this isn’t it. This isn’t my destination.. I am in the middle of a marathon. MY marathon. I am aware that I exist as a human in living flesh with feelings but I can’t let it get the best of me. I aim to keep in mind that yesterday was yesterday. God gives us another day… a new opportunity to change our narrative with HIS HELP. All we can do is the best we can when we are given a chance every day we wake up. So, as I sit up..fitting to fix my ginger root tea, I am urging myself as I am writing this and anyone who reads this and identifies with the similar issues I have to just don’t give up on God and yourself. We are much stronger than we give ourselves credit to be especially with God on our sides. With him we can get through whatever we may be going through regardless of what it looks or feels like. It’s obvious that I have learned to encourage the heck out of myself. Even in times like this week where I was all over the place in my mind. I am encouraged to continue on in my journey to finish what I started My Marathon.

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  1. I can totally relate to the whirlwind of emotions. Literally yesterday i went through this. Thank you for sharing! Awesome read!


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