Follow the leader

Leaders and Followers!!

Today has been a day, I spent majority of it trying to fix this page. I am completely new at this, so it’s kind of confusing. In particular, I was trying to allow my posts to be seen on my “homepage” AND on a separate page but I ended up just saying forget it lol ( if someone could enlighten me on that.. THAT would be awesome!!)…but ANYWAYS praise

I have been praying to God about changing. Asking him to show me where to start when it comes to walking in true repentance and change, and the saying “the head and not the tail” came to my mind during prayer. So of course after prayer I looked up the verse (Deu 28:13). I had already been familiar with the beginning of the verse, it is often quoted in church and it meant to me kinda the same thing as “the last shall be the first” scripture to the naked eye. I am learning more that you HAVE to read the WHOLE verse to fully understand the meaning of a verse. For this particular verse, the second half of the verse basically told me one, what the whole scripture meant for me in this season AND two, how to walk into the change I’m asking for. To make thee the head means to become a leader while the tail refers to being a follower, if you think about it the tail DOES follow the head (aha!! lol) In order to walk into change you gotta stop following the way of life you have been following. Stop following what’s “in”, walk away leading your OWN path to YOUR PURPOSE. How? well that’s what the next part of the verse says by hearkening to Gods commandments. For me, the take away is I can’t do what everyone else does. I can’t follow every trend. Because I choose to live for God through JESUS CHRIST there’s another way that I have to go ON MY OWN and that is honestly okay with me now. My blog won’t look like everyone else’s( it’s not supposed to lol) , what I take pleasure in won’t be the same as someone else’s. What I can and cannot be entangled with may be different than everyone else’s but its time to DO ME THROUGH HIM ( MY GOD) and you know what I LOVE about this and if it wasn’t so late (1am) I would scream it aloud right now???….IT’S NOT FOR ANYONE TO GET NOR UNDERSTAND!!! beautiful. I love it. So, now I know now I walk therein as a leader..following after Christ instead of that tail following after everything else. I encourage those reading to challenge yourself and to do the same!! what God has for you is for you he has no respect of persons you are entitled to your own path and destiny!! stay encouraged!.

5 thoughts on “Follow the leader”

  1. First, you’re doing well. The way your posts are displayed really depends upon the theme you’ve selected. Second, this is your page. Be you. Approach it however you choose. Those who like your style will flow with you. Those who don’t…well, they can move on. This is your space to be free to be yourself and embrace all that you have been gifted with from God. So do you, my dear Sister 🤗

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  2. I think it has to do with your theme? But when I post, I can actually tick the pages I want it to show up on, using the settings on the block editor. This post was a little hard to read on my phone mostly because of the colours, but the message itself is great 💖 keep doing you, babe.

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