Is the Gain in Vain?

This is the first time since I started blogging again that I wrote two blogs in a week, I usually don’t do this but I was just thinking. I am sitting here watching an old GRWM YouTube video (@chiziduru) where she was discussing struggles of being an influencer. One of the struggles she was discussing was the effect of being in the public eye. How it can weigh on ones mental health. It made me think about how this week I had heard about Tamar Braxton who was recently hospitalized over some things that in my opinion is none of my business to elaborate on especially if we don’t know the whole truth yet.

The scripture (Mark 8:36) came to mind. Jesus here was asking basically what does one get from gaining & depending on the approval or validation of the “world” or even gaining & depending on material things of the “world” with it ending up leading one losing their soul…aka their life in the long run? In some instances losing your life doesn’t necessarily have to mean your actual life , you literally dying but in a sense a spiritual death or forreal losing your mind. I have seen celebrities with all the fame and fortune even influencers who are well known in the public eye who either have committed suicide, have had to get some type of treatment, or who have expressed a struggle with some form of mental illness and this has me wanting to reevaluate this whole me-trying-to be-a blogger-and-a-potential- YouTuber.

Is this worth it? is my sanity worth the turmoil that may come with it? can I survive the fight? can I come out and remain on top of every hurdle that comes with having a platform?? am I ready for the critics? for being picked apart? the judgement that comes with being a christian cause believe it or not people always talk about christians being judgmental but we as christians are judged too because of what other christians have said or done which is not fair…that topic is for a whole other blog though (which is to come).

The original reason I started to blog again was actually just to vent and maybe help someone else who maybe going through what I am going through. I wanted to become a YouTuber for the same reason but regarding another subject. As far as social media goes, I got rid of my facebook and twitter a long time ago , I never got a instagram because I just didn’t want to become caught up in trying to keep up with the image of what’s out to look, how to act, etc. I want to be led by God. Making heaven is a priority and I feel like I don’t need any distractions and I know what can be a potential distraction for me sooo.. I am just questioning this doesn’t mean that I will be erasing this blog or refraining for posting just venting my concerns. I will also like to say that we should keep those who are struggling to stay afloat in our everyday prayers even if we don’t know them by name just the mention “those who…”. So…yeah be thankful that we are being kept in our right minds and pray for those who are struggling and pray that we maintain the appropriate balance of being able to reap the benefits of our influence without it making us forfeit what’s important..

God Bless!

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