30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 2: 20 Facts about you

  1. My favorite color is Mahogany.
  2. I am a night person. I can stay up all night if I wanted to.
  3. I am a momma’s girl.
  4. I Love Jesus Christ.
  5. I removed stitches from my forehead as a child once.
  6. I come across as mean and stand offish , but once you get to know me you love me.
  7. I can sing on the low.
  8. In high school, I was awarded the class clown for the females.  
  9. I  tend to run late a lot. 
  10.  I am the first to graduate college on both sides of my family #wonthedoit                   
  11.  I got a tattoo when I was around 16 ish…at a tattoo party.   
  12. I had to go to speech therapy as a child. I had a speech impediment.
  13. I get gas when I am nervous.
  14. My love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch.
  15. I am a minimalist. I tend to throw a lot of things away. I erase all read texts, voicemails , phone calls, emails etc. 
  16. Airheads are my favorite candy. 
  17. Something I must have with me at ALL TIMES is chapstick. I have a stick in almost every jacket and place I am at (car included)
  18.  I study by writing things down in order to remember them. 
  19. I love white roses. 
  20.  I am an introvert. I love my space. I don’t do clingy people. 

Yup so there you have it 20 random facts about me! comment if you can relate to any of them!! God Bless!!

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