30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 4| Five Current Goals

Hmm.. this 30 day blog challenge is getting all personal and what not lol

But any who, as of right now I actually have 7 current goals but the five that’s the most important are:

1.)Getting closer to God– In my opinion there’s no such thing as being close enough to God through Christ. There’s always another dimension..another level.. something deeper to tap into. He chose me from the beginning, and throughout my younger years I must admit I kinda played hard to get. Now, in my adulthood I want more. More than I can ever imagine. I see him. I am choosing him, eager to see why he chose me in the first place and to see my life start to unfold.

2.)Be a better woman- I am at a place now, especially now that I am pursuing Christ, that I just want to be a better person. To have character, and even more substance to be the best I can be to myself and others. I am aiming to have a Godly conscious, to work on the parts of me that needs improvement but also have the balance to understand that I must trust the process cause it’s not an overnight thing.

3.)Grow natural hair past shoulders– I been natural for about 9 years. I have 3C natural hair and it’s currently at my collar bone(without shrinkage) and I been struggling with retaining length so I am working out some kinks literally lol to find out what works for my hair, and what doesn’t work to ultimately get this hair growing past these shoulders lol. I am not bald so if it doesn’t grow any further it’s no biggie but I still, in a perfect world…I would want my hair past my shoulders.

4.)Save Save and Save!!- I wanna be an even better steward over my funds. Unfortunately finances wasn’t a topic growing up for me, we just had to make ends meet. There wasn’t much to save. I was taught not waste but not how to save or invest. I am learning as I go, with the help of some knowledgable people as well as past work experiences.

5.) School- I eventually want to go back to school to become an attorney, or a judge I am not sure which one right now lol.

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