30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 7| Pet peeves

🤔 pet peeves? I actually have a few, now they are not listed from biggest to smallest but they are as follows..

  1. When people just up and change my controls in my car, temperature, volume, radio etc (THAT ANNOYS ME)
  2. When people don’t tell the WHOLE story..like tell everything or don’t tell at all, if you gonna leave parts out ESPECIALLY WHAT YOU SAID or DID.
  3. People that move with ulterior motives. I can’t stand that “behind the scenes” mess like come honest, direct, and correct.
  4. When people call me, and I call RIGHT back and they don’t answer lol
  5. When people leave trash in my car.
  6. When people overly brag.
  7. When people play around with pronouncing my name. If you are unsure, ask but don’t make fun or try to be funny.

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