30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 8| Worst habits?

🤔 to be honest, this challenge is really starting to become a self reflection activity for me lol ..but without further ado….

1.Shutting people out- when things go wrong, I have a tendency of coping with that by shutting people out to get myself together. If I am somewhere and something goes on like someone did or said something, I’ll leave to try to calm myself down. Once I am alone I take time to think, reflect on my actions (how I handled whatever was going on), to pray and then when I am ready, I ease back in contact with people. To me, this isn’t fair to people especially those who genuinely care. It’s something I been trying to work on. I feel like I am entitled to that space for myself but executing that without being cold is what I am praying about having a balance with.

2. Always rushing, or running late- I honestly cannot pinpoint what it is about me forever rushing and running late. I don’t know if it gives me a thrill, the fact that wherever I am going is near or what. I am rarely early I am always just making it. Please pray my joy & strength lol.

3. Overanalyzing events and mistakes- I tend to over think. Over analyze my actions. Going over and over what I should’ve could’ve and would’ve done or said which can drive one crazy after a while. I try to stop myself and remember that every moment even every second is a new chance to do better. I honestly have gotten better but there is still work to do which is fine. I am not perfect.

Worst habits to me doesn’t take away from who you are overall as a person. I am not ashamed of these habits I have because I know that I am actively trying to work on them. Regardless of what your worst habits may be, don’t let them allow you to think any less of yourself. We are all in this marathon together, and honey KNOW that God has NO RESPECT OF PERSONS the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first! it’s all fair game! we all have a chance out here!!

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