30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 15| What do you collect

I am trying to stay ahead of this blog challenge to ensure I don’t miss a day, but it is honestly kind of hard when I don’t even know the answers to these questions which probably explains yet another reason why this is called a 30 day blog CHALLENGE. lol okay, so what do I collect.. the first thing that comes to mind is sunglasses. I love to buy them, but I don’t think I have enough to consider those a collection lol. I do however have a lot of T shirts so Ima just go with that. Honestly I do not know how I ended up with so many T shirts. Some were brought back as a souvenir , some were actually purchased by me, some where given to me from a job or my mom lol, very little of my collection was due to me personally buying them though. I do have a thing for screen tees in particular. T shirts in general, are sooo comfortable with a pair a tights especially on hot days like we been having here lately on the east coast…HONEY. They are versatile too. You can tie them, cut them into crop tops or racer back tees, heck walk around your house in just one..they are EVERYTHING. It pays to have many of them. The older ones are great for arts and crafts even doing your hair. I love t shirts and I like my collection and I am open to collecting more ! lol

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