30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 17 | The best thing that has happened this year

Y’all today has been eventful to say the least. I just received my package yesterday of blouses I purchased from Shein, so I thought I would put my dark blue one on today. So walking outside early 7:33am, it was pouring raining which wasn’t a surprise since Hurricane Isaias was paasing by today. The 20 minute drive to work was a bit difficult but I managed to pull in and I was thankful for God’s traveling mercy. So I go to open my car door and put up my umbrella, grab my coffee and proceed to scoot out my drivers seat when yall my cup of coffee spills all over me, my hair, and  my brand new blouse. I was over it then lol. I just poured the remaining coffee out on the grass, placed the cup back in my car, put down my umbrella and just walked towards the building in the rain. In my mind I wanted to get rid of the stain as well as the coffee smell. I get into work and I try to use wipes to wipe myself down to get rid of the stickiness that was resting on my chest from the coffee. The coffee also some how got into my badge case so I had to take that apart to wipe my badge down, which resulted in me having to head for the first aid kit lol so yeah today was indeed eventful.

Although today had its share of unforgettable events, I would have to say that the best thing that happened this year for me would be me drawing near to God . When COVID 19 first broke out, I was working from home and during that time I was able to reflect on myself. I started praying, reading the word, studying it, and really putting forth effort in applying what I read. During this time, there have been wonderful encounters that I will treasure. I have grown some much as a woman and I am grateful for the space I was given. I know I am no where near where I should be, and I am human I fall short and sometimes I lose my way BUT I still look forward to what is ahead for me.

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