30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 18| What is your dream job?

I always knew what field I wanted to be in. It wasn’t until I got in college that I found out what I wanted to be in that field. That’s right yall, My dream job is to become a judge, a family law judge. I want to deal with children who sometimes lose their way or who do not have the necessary resources to be whatever they wanted to be, causing them to default to deviant behavior . I am aware that this area of law may come with some challenges especially when it comes to custody and divorces and so forth but, because my focus is helping the children at the end of the day, I am up for the challenge. The REAL challenge if I can just be honest is reapplying to law school. I ordered the latest version of the LSAT prep book but I just havent started studying for it, I am not as motivated as I should be. Life is short so why not go after what I want right?….so yeah lol

What are some of your career goals?? Have you started going after them? And how? If not whats stopping you? Think about it..comment below if you wanna talk about it!!