30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 21| An old picture of you

Spring 2015

I was in my senior year of college when this picture was taken. Y’all I looked happy (and snatched!), but I was so sad here. I had broken up with an ex and it was just horrible. I did it because I just felt like I wasn’t considered, I wasn’t seen….BUT I didn’t realize how hard it would be to move forward. Break ups suck man. I don’t wish that kind of heartache on a worst enemy.I remember taking this picture and posting it on twitter (when I had one) just to try to prove a point that I was “fine”. I only did that because I knew my ex would be looking on my timeline and would see it…. childish right? I cried and slept through most of the break up, he was my first so it took much longer to get over him, but I made it folks lol. I don’t hate him, I honestly never could. I am grateful for the chance to experience the feelings I did with him HOWEVER ….NEXT! lol

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