30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 25| Why do you blog

I am sitting at my desk at work thinking about why I blog smh very productive right? works been crazy to say the least and I just need a break. I am saying this even though I JUST came back from a lunch break Lol…ANYWAYS….I low key always had a little thing for writing. I enjoyed writing poems and stuff so originally I started off on tumblr but then I just stopped. So this year when COVID 19 broke out I was working from home when I decided I wanted to try again and actually create a blog page on wordpress. This time I wanted to blog to just journal my process in trying to grow closer to God perhaps to relate to other people ..maybe even help someone else..we are all in this pilgrim journey together right??

11 thoughts on “Day 25| Why do you blog”

  1. We sure are in this together. Blogging is also a great way to test my courage, to say the things I need to say without worrying too much about what people will think. For the most part, the fear is not justified anyway.

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    1. Yes!! It does tests our courage ..especially when it comes to being transparent at least thats how it is for me sometimes but it has suprosed me how much others can relate to somethings I write about it which is also motivating to keep blogging

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  2. Yes, this question revolves around us now and then. I started during the same time as you probably (because you mentioned the covid time), with the aim of fulfilling a passion that was there for quite long and was delaying it all the while. WHY the blog? wanted to share the knowledge being an educator. Challenge- finding a suitable topic or being regular is a big issue for me. But lets be persistent. Some good points – juggling with wordpress, still dont know many things like ‘pages’ etc.
    What i enjoy – when people like some posts or follow your posts, you feel encouraged…

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