30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 27| The best trip of your life

Good Morning😁!!!… at work, should be working but here I am. I am a good worker though #trymenot lol I just didn’t want to forget today’s challenge and let the day pass me by without addressing it…EVEN THOUGH today’s challenge was actually supposed to be yesterday’s challenge ..but ANYWAYS let’s see the best trip of my life….I honestly don’t think I have had the best trip of my life ??? Yet??. I can recall a couple of decent trips. One in particular back in November of last year. I had to get my passport for my trip to Jamaica so I had to go to philadephia with my dad to pick it up. We ended up making a day of it , visiting family members we have in Philadephia while waiting for my passport to be processed. It was good to get to know family members on my dad’s side, and understand our family history. It was even better being driven around and fed too. It was a decent trip and I enjoyed driving around the city hearing those “back in the day” stories. It wasn’t a grand long trip but it was cool! I enjoyed it .

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