30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 28| What makes you happy

Morning!! today’s going to be great and busy! I have a baby shower AND a birthday party to go to today (both quarantine friendly). So for today’s challenge…what makes me happy…? Music. Music has its way of taking my mind off of whatever is going on that may have me in my feelings, it also has its way of getting my mind set on the positive things of life. Dancing. Yes I am the wierdo who has private dance sessions by herself. Whether its in the kitchen while I am cooking, in the bathroom while in the shower, or in my car at a stop light dancing releases stress and burns calories lol so..yeah I enjoy randomly dancing, I may even make up beats in my head and just start randomly two stepping to them too lol. Food. Good comfort food brings obvious comforts and happiness ( no I am not an emotional eater). Heat. I love being warm and cozy. I feel very secure in coziness. Jesus. He should’ve been the first one I said. He has his way of bringing me out of EVERY slump. I can not begin to expound on how much he has gave me strength to keep on keeping on. He is my voice of reason. Personal Space. Although I do want a family, I find that I am somewhat of a loner. I like being able to have alone time to myself. To do whatever I want to do, alone. Doing me whatever that may consist of at that moment makes me happy and content. I am not that hard to please lol.

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