Grief. Everyone has their way of dealing with it. I honestly never experienced it before. I have been blessed to not have to until that day. That morning. Thursday. I was sleep when my mom called and told me. When she said there was a death I honestly cant recall who I had in mind if anyone but when she said his name. Ugh. I was sad. Sad about how it happened. That it even happened. I wasnt in contact with him like that but still I felt the lost. I felt sad and sorry. I even felt fear.He was like my brother. I just wish it was all a lie.A prank. I rather be mad about that than sad about this. I wanna feel better but I feel too that he may be forgotten when I do feel better. It has been easier but still. It’s sad.It’s really unsettling. I want this to go away. For him to still be here. Grieving to me is worse when you are alone and by yourself. Your mind replays the incident, what you heard about it, the memories, what may remind you of them, the last time you seen the person etc. I heard its a process, and I am actually kinda suprised as to how this loss has really had its effect on me. We were closer growing up than we were before he passed but I guess the love I have for him makes it hurt so bad. Ima get through it yall, Ima be good at the end of the day but I just dont wanna forget him either.