Ms Wilson,

I hope this letter finds and does you well. You have been through alot these past couple of weeks. Alot has been going through your mind. You may feel like you fell off the wagon, that it seems like you can’t get back on track, that you’re so lost that God wont find or help you but I want you to know that there’s NOTHING you can’t do UNLESS you choose not to do it. Satan is lying when he makes you think those things! God has made you strong to bear it. He will make you stronger to get through it. All you need is the mind to get it together and its on! You know this! You ARE enough, you are loved, you are good, you are stronger than you give yourself credit to be. You have came a very long way and the best is yet to come. Don’t worry about the would’ve should’ve could’ve’s. You woke up today with the chance to do better. Don’t be afraid because of whats happening around you. Don’t get it twisted. God got you. Lean on him. He hasn’t left you. He’s there waiting on you sis. Let him do the work in you. Stop trying to control how he does it. Dont overthink it. its so simple even though it seems so complicated. Don’t give up or in. Dont worry about what others have that you may not have…. YET. God is all you need at end. He is your strength ! Press on sis, you got this… Ready? Reset ….Lets Go!!!

Your biggest fan


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