October blogging challenge!!!

Good Morning😁

I seen this image and decided to do another challenge!! Sooo lets get right into it. Day 1| your goals for October.

My goals this month include One: not to eat fast food and lower my sugar intake. Although Wendy’s is EVERYTHING it shouldnt be everything almost everyday. I been eating out alot because I just been too lazy to cook something smh. But this month?! Healthy cooking is happening!! And in my coffee I will be substituting the sugar with a healthier sweetner. I usually dont use regular sugar but I had started back up using it in my coffee and spaghetti this past September..but these random pimples on my face is like “Nope, dump it sis”. Moving along, Two, asking and obtaining more patience for others. My tolerance level is non existent. I’m very easily annoyed. My job involves alot of interacting with people and that sometimes is hard because people say and ask the dumbest questions and I try so hard not to judge but at that moment? Its like “geez..really?” so yeah I wanna pray and ask for more patience and not only outwardly be polite but from the inside show the love and mercy that God gives me to others. Three? I wanna get closer to God..I wanna direct my focus even more on him, and my purpose. To find out why I was put here on earth? What am I supposed to be doing forreal? Who the heck am I ?? You know? I honestly dont wanna fit in anymore. I dont wanna appear how everyone is appearing these days..I wanna be me the way he wants me to be. So those three goals are what I have for myself to pursue and conquer. Do you guys have any goals? Whether big or small? Something you KNOW you need to do? Something you KNOW you need to change inside of you? Whatever it may be challenge yourselves this month to go hard after it. Praying about it, seeking God for direction about it, accept and put forth the effort it takes to after it, and even accept if you not supposed to go after it. Somethings ainy for everyone and thats okay. We all have our own marathon to finish!! But we are all in this together!!