Day|3 OOTD

Good Afternoon!!

Again I almost forgot to tackle today’s challenge and for a second there, I was about to throw something on right quick just for a good picture but then Im like nope! I been lounging around all day..SUPPOSED to be doing my hair soo let me just be honest and put this up lol. My true OOTD honey lol.. I also been on the phone most of the day just having convos about getting married and what would we want and so forth and I remember writting down what I would want (the colors, the bridal party, etc) but some where along the line I just begin to just say I’ll just go to the courthouse and call it a day. But once I got off the phone I started thinking about why have I truly resulted to that?? what changed my mind?? why have I given up the dream of having a beautiful wedding?? A husband?? have I just grown cold of the idea??…have I giving up? Do I subconciously believe that its not gonna happen for me?? Is it about the money?? what is it?? To me theres clearly a issue here. Its alot of think about and to face and process. So here I am as I lean in my bathroom trying to figure this all out lol