Day 5| 5 Favorite Movies

Good Afternoon!! I sound more excited than I actually am. Its a typically monday at my job busy busy and busy. I tried to hold out on my goal of NO sugair and fast food but yall I done failed already lol pray my strength lol. I need coffee this morning and I need sugar in my coffee today !! Now ima try to not use as much so…idk just pray for me PLEASE. Anyways, for todays challenge..my 5 favorite movies. 1. Twilight- omg yall I love this movie..not because of the love story that consumes all the dark twisted vampire stuff. I LOVE edward and bellas love ..how intense it is. Yall, even the book is awesome…better than the movie in my opinion. Then there’s 2.The fault in our stars- another romance movie ..Augustus is😍🥰 ugh. 3.The lion king- my ALL TIME favorite childhood disney movie I can watch that anytime any day lol. 4. Love & Basketball– great 90’s movie, I literally know just about every line in this movie!! annnnd lastly I would have to maybe saaaayyyy 5. A Family that preys- it has a great storyline. Tyler Perry did his thing with this one.

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