Day 7| Seven lessons you’ve learned so far this year

Good afternoon!! God is so good yall!! How are yall feeling today?? I hope you all are good… if you are reading this it shows you are here and alive and thats something to be thankful for!! So todays challenge is 7 lessons I have learned so far this year. Honestly? I dont have 7 lessons ( bare with me lol) but I do however have 4 so far and they are:

  1. There’s benefits of being in the single season- so I have been single for about 5 years now and there have been moments where I get lonely and I think about how it SEEMS like everyone around me is either pregnant, getting pregnant, getting engage , or already married and here I stand…alone. It also doesnt help when you are almost 30 and that “biological clock” starts to have you thinking….HOWEVER this year I am starting to embrace being single. Theres so much I have learned about myself. I believe I have matured as a woman. Theres so much I have enjoyed while being by myself even down to living alone…being able to just up and go…being on my OWN time…having that one on one time with God and even myself. Self love is the best love.
  2. When God got you satan can’t get you- THIS i just learned yesterday. I have been dealing with fear and anxiety. I just was scared all the time , thinking something was gonna happen to me. It would come randomly to the point where I would just …omg just cry. I would pray and declare the word of God while doing so but it just wouldnt shake totally. So yesterday I was like let me go and talk to my pastor. She made a valid point and a 💡 came on. She said “fear and anxiety is a way for satan to torment us. When satan cant get to us thats what he does. If he could get to us he would have already got you” and I’m like ” thats a good point” and from the moment I took that and now I am like God got me at the end of the day. Whenever it tries to come I will speak aloud to it letting Satan know fear and anxiety aint mine! And bind and rebuke it in JESUS NAME. So that was refreshing to know and Ima keep it in mind…God is truly my hiding.
  3. Fitting in just aint worth it- being who you are supposed to be is so much easier. Now dont get me wrong I am just now starting to learn this and try my best to not try to fit in to whats trending cause you lose yourself and if you already dont know who you are it makes finding yourself MUCH HARDER get lost. Another thing is I dont wanna be something or have something for popularity or recognition from others.
  4. Dont focus on the “do’s & dont’s ” when living for christ focus on letting God lead you- As christians we can get religious..thinking we have arrived because we dont do certain things anymore ..sometimes too being religious like that can eventually cause one to stray cause its not from the inside. I learning what letting go and lettibg God that takes patient and even faith. Its not as hard as I always thought it would be.

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