Day 8| A day in the life

Morning😁 I honestly dont know how to feel about giving details about a typical day because THERE ARE WIERDOS OUT THERE…so Ima try to keep it as vague as possible 🤣🤣😅

  • 6:45am-“wake up & pray” alarm goes off. It’s usually loud enough to wake me but I still snooze it AT LEAST once lol
  • 7am- “Thank you Jesus for another day” is the first thing that comes out of my mouth before I pull myself outta bed it has become a habit.
  • 7:35am ish- by this time I am rushing out the door with my coffee hoping that I make it to work on time. I usually evaluate this by using landmarks on my way to work “if I am at this point by this time Im good” lol forever rushing.
  • 8am ish – work begins..and it is intertwined with blogging, texting and even reading a scripture lol but some days are more productive than others.
  • End of day- the day has gone…” thank you lord for seeing me safely home” is what I say as I enter my home and place my keys on the hook. I am usually on the phone or just watching TV until I dose off to sleep.

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