Day 14| What’s on your playlist

Morning!! Hows everyone?? I honestly have no complaints at all!!. So for todays challenge ..what’s on your playlist? Well on youtube I have a playlist of favorites so I choose a few that I play often from that list

  1. Distant- Franchesca ..soo I stumbled across this artist while viewing hair tutorials on youtube. To me, she gives modern day gospel vibes..the lyrics are great with a more current beat.
  2. Jesus we love you- Isabel Davis.. this song popped in my head while at work one day randomly so ever since then I play this just to sing praises to God.
  3. Here I am to worship-Heather Headley.. I used to listen to this song waay back when CD’s were a thing (are they still a thing or??)..I love the soulful twist that heather adds to this hymn. She makes it sounds like ots coming from waaaay down in her being.
  4. Be glorified- Joe pace & the guiding light..this is a daily riding song to work..I dont play it every day but almost every couple of days depending on how pandora does lol
  5. Great and Mighty-Champion oh I love this one..this is another one that I often ride to work to and it doesnt depend on hoe pandora acts either lol
  6. Lord you’re mighty- Youthful Praise ..

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