Day 19| What book(s) you’re reading

Good Evening all😆 I hope all is well with you today. I was at work today being some what productive. Although I had a banana with my cup of coffee I still was a little sleepy but I made it. So for todays challenge, the current book(s) I have been reading just so happen to be in the bible. I am reading St John, currently on Chapter 3 ( hence the gospel series I recently started here on my blog). This last past week though, I been reading Daniel Chapter 3 in particular…whats with the 3’s?? Lol. It was the scripture from our bible study lesson. My pastor talked about how Nebachadnezzar was someone who was all about himself, he wanted to be recognized and worshipped by everyone ( hence him building that large golden statue of himself) . Anyone who refused to worship him would feel the wrath of him by getting thrown in the fiery furnance. We all know the story. It honestly made me look at myself…I started asking myself do I exalt myself higher than I should? Do I seek attention and fullfillment from others and their opinions of me? Do I get mad when I dont get recognized or noticed?? If I can be honest…the answers to some of those questions are yes. Sometimes you can just feel so overlooked. But its not for everyone to see you for you when God sees you for who you are now and who you will become.So a refocus is what Im at. Its necessary. Im asking God to help me make him my focus so everything else can fall into place. That will require some effort on my end. God wants to be sought after he wont just drop it out the sky lol. As I always try to remind myself ” he will meet you where you at, its a process dont worry he got you”…I get encouraged to know that Ima be okay.

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