Day 21| Transformation Tuesday

More like a Transformation Wednesday?? Lol these dates are off but we are gonna just keep on keeping on. So for today’s challenge, talking about a transformation. I honestly feel like I have grown and matured alot. Theres a few things.. little things that have changed which is GOOD..but have you ever felt like theres something MORE that you need? Something deeper inside of you that needs to be either renewed, revived, healed or transformed?? I know I do. The thing is though I dont know the how or when it will happen I just know it needs to happen. I can be lazy yall, I havent been motivated to go after it let alone be consistent with God about it. I put so much pressure on myself to do it alone perhaps cause I get impatient. It seems like God’s way takes so long (his time aint our time..his ways arent our ways either)…all I can do is keep trying..trying to push myself to go after it allowing God to do it and waiting for him to do cause I honestly cannot do it alone….talking about a transformation needed, a refocus..but as a always say its marathon so…gotta keep at it. I cant get up neither can you!!

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