Day 28| Favorite beauty products

Hey guys!! Good morning!! Lets get right into today’s challenge favorite beauty products….

Mac pro palette studio finish skin corrector ×6. This concealor palette is a holy grail of mine. My daily make up routine is mostly my brows and when I tell you that this palette is very involved in the shaping making and molding my brows…HONEY whether I want a highlighted look ( by using a lighter than my skin color concealor) under my brows or just a basic brow look (using the concealor that matches my skin tone) this palette does it!!. I even contour when I wanna beat my face with the “deep brown” concealor which does what its needs to do especially to my cheek bones lawwwddd🙌🏾.

Mac veluxe brow liner. Another staple that I use every single day. It plays its role. To be honest though I use the spoolie waaaaay more than I use the actual brow pencil. I dont have natural eyebrows well, not alot so the spoolie gives that hair like look which I appreciate.

Fairy dust lip gloss by Kastle Boutique. Kastle boutique is a BLACK OWNED ✊🏾 beauty company that sells clothing, lashes, and lip glosses. Out of all I have seen besides the lashes, this lip gloss formerly known as Fairy Dust is my favorite. Its long lasting, it goes great with a lip liner gives a basic lip a little something extra. Not to mention my SISTER is the owner which makes me even MORE proud to flaunt it.!!

I encourage you to try these!! Click the links provided in the caption area if you are interested!!. Like and comment below and share your beauty products that are staples and that you like best. I may wanna try them!! ..Hope all is well with you all have a great rest of ya day!!


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