Day 29| A day in the life

Good Morning yall!!

Its a cold rainy day and I am here at work. Its hectic already smh. I am covering for someone else and I feel like I know what to do but it just seems like others think otherwise? Like instead of coming to me directly my supervisor is being IM’ed? And then all of a sudden my supervisor comes tp sit behind me? Asking if I need help ?? Like😅 So Im trying to just go on without letting the opinion of others get to me annnd at the same time not holding a grudge. I dont like fake stuff and I DEFINITELY dont like the behind the scenes stuff . You cant control others actions though. Just YOUR reaction. Pride will do that yall. Have you out here tryna act a certain kind of way to prove a point or to be petty, tryna get vengeance for yourself . Ending up having to repent. A MESS. God is good though lol its already 11 something so the rush is somewhat paying off!!. I have no idea what to have for dinner, aunt flow just have me not wanting to cook a thing lol so we will see.!!

Hows everyones day going?? Like and comment and share what your “day in the life ” is like!!

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