Sane Saturdays

Good are we? Another week down more to look forward to. This morning I woke up early, decided to only have coffee and to pray. Alot has been going on inside of me and I just needed to talk to God this morning. Telling him all about my problems, telling on people AND ON MY OWN SELF. I needed to pray because through the week with work and just being drained you do get lazy at putting in that one on one time so, on my knees I went. After which, I got up and I said I was going to take my trash out this morning..this turned into me taking a walk around my neighborhood. Its beautiful out today. Thinking, reflecting, trying to reevaluate the goals I have set for myself..setting new ones ..I am now more motivated than I was before I went on knees to pray. Prayer does so much yall you get up with more strength and motivation to go on. It works! Its no form or fashion. I was candid with God…not rude or disrespectful but it wasnt alot of the normal religious terminology used honey I had to get straight to it. God honors us being upfront and honest with him. He’s there to make us perfect he already knows we’re not. I am thankful this morning as I return to my abode. Eager to set goals, weekly routines etc. Try it. Pray and just tell God where you are right now whether its good or horribly bad. Ask for his help. Let him know you cant do it alone cause its the truth. We fail everytime when we try to handle or fix things ourselves. Ask him to fix it. Ask him to help you to LET HIM fix it. In any relationship including with God honesty is the best policy.!! Try and see!!..

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