Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Day 3

I wanted Pizza so bad today, But I went home and made a Quinoa Bowl with quinoa, tomatoes,salsa,corn, chicken and avocado

Hello!! so its day three and I am honestly feeling ….good and tired. Last night was our first official meeting with our soon-to-be trainer.We weighed in, our bodies were scanned, and we sat down to talk about cost, workout, and diet layouts. He was honestly VERY TALKATIVE and it sounded as if he really knew his stuff AND he really was passionate about it. It honestly got overwhelming when he started laying things out ESPECIALLY when it came to those prices. My face clearing showed that even with my mask.  A lot thoughts started and is still going through my brain. I want to invest in myself but as a member of the working class of the united states of America, it’s not easy. Life happens. But then I am like where’s my faith? I set these goals for a reason. Sacrifice comes with achieving goals right?! I am going back and forth about investing in myself not only physically but also financially. A trainer yall can be pricey and that’s a leap for me to take. I believe that I would definitely commit cause I don’t pay with my money honey never have but its just whether to take that leap..or not lol. A lot of people have there say which is good to weigh out but at the end..what do I say??. As I sit and think about it, this has forced me to make that budget spreadsheet that is also a January goal and go from there…we shall see.

Pray my strength lol

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