Nay Fitness ( My Journey)
First day w\ Lawton

Hey Y’all heeeyyy… so really quick ( my laptop is on 8% lol ) just an update. I went to the gym to meet with my trainer. The initially plan was to do a 30 min workout and then from there decide whether or not he would be MY TRAINER for 90 days. Me and my cousin were originally going to travel this journey with this particular gym and trainer (possibly) together but it ended up just being me which is okay, sometimes you gotta do you and sometimes that requires you to do that alone. So in my car before I walked into the gym I already knew that my answer to lawton (my trainer) would be yes. I had to…..I couldnt wait around neither can I rely on others opinions of the details regarding it. It’s my fitness journey for a reason whether it is a success or a failure, its all learning. I definitely learned that I can’t follow people, I have to be led to make my own calls, my own decisions according to the divine will of God, so into the gym I went. Boy was I nervous, I didn’t know what exactly to expect. He was honestly surprised to see me lol cause I was quiet during our initial meet last week. We start with him seeing what I could do. He had me doing push ups, planks, pull ups, squats with weights, and this thing where I threw a weight ball down and picked it up as fast as I could. It was indeed a workout. Uh-oh (5%) lol okay. After all of that I received a diet plan where he made sure he incorporated things that I will not only eat but actually like. Leaving the the gym, I felt hopeful excited about another “marathon” eager to see the change. Today though I am SORE all of my upper body folks and my thighs lawd are TIGHT AND SORE. I am moving around as if I weigh way more than I actually weigh. So as my laptop is now at 4% I am planning on running a hot bathe and soaking and relaxing, but I just wanted to update you all on my fitness journey.. this is me now I can’t wait to see what I will be like in 90days

Y’all wasn’t getting a frontal pic lol

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