Nay Fitness ( My Journey)
Lunch for the work week : Chicken breast, Spinach & Quinoa

Hey y’all, so yesterday was meal prep day. For this week, breakfast includes; 4 eggs, a banana, and a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal 🙄. For lunch; chicken breast, raw spinach, and quinoa. And for dinner; fish and asparagus. As snacks I have either a rice cake or an apple with a protein shake. This honestly sounds very bland BUT I am going to make it work the best way I can. The good thing is, if this plan doesn’t work for me, my trainer is willing to move some things around to make it possible for me to eat which I think is cool. He’s that flexible🥰. I honestly did not feel like going to the gym yesterday but I went. The workout wasn’t bad. We focused on a combination of legs and upper body. Im lifting weights already lol. I felt fine afterwards. I thought that I would be sore today but I am not sore at ALL!!!! #wonthedoit. I hope it wont come tommorrow either. This is definitely an adjustment. From eating 6 times a day to working out 3 times a week I do feel productive and I can honestly say I am not as stressed as I was before. Meal prepping in general is very beneficial. I dont have to worry about cooking this week let alone washing dishes. I hate doing dishes lol. I can grab n go and I like that part of meal prepping. You guys should try it!! I bought these containers from amazon and a lunch box and I was rolling this morning lol Definitely worth the investment!!! I hope you all are having a great productive day and dont worry Ima keep yall updated !!! 😘

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