Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

I Cheated😔

Good Morning everyone! I have GOT to get a blogging schedule going. I wanna be able to post the same day and same time of every week. Pray my strength. ANYWAY so y’all read the title, yes I cheated for the first time this past Saturday. The thing is ..well the thing was, I had already been craving something bad that Friday before. I was able to resist the craving thanks to a friend but HONNNEYYYY when I woke up the next morning ….. I already knew I was gonna go right to burger king. A double whopper with cheese meal…small, with a sweet tea is what I was gonna get. It was premeditated. I went to my annual physical and to burger king I went. I ate it on the way home. I didn’t however feel satisfied. It was good but it didn’t give me that ahhhh like the “that’s-what-I-needed” type of satisfaction. It honestly wasn’t even worth it smh. So back to it I go. Last night I had a session with lawton and he had me ..doing all kinds of things. He had me on the squat rack, doing bench presses, and chest flies..working me out man. As far as soreness thighs are sore that’s about it praise God. My friends and i are supposed to go out to this seafood place this upcoming Saturday I said I may just seafood but I just don’t wanna cheat anymore like I wanna be fully committed to the lifestyle change I am tryna get so as of right now? I’m not planning on cheating again no time soon. AGAIN. Pray my strength lol.

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