Nay Fitness ( My Journey)
First day w\ Lawton

Hey Y’all heeeyyy… so really quick ( my laptop is on 8% lol ) just an update. I went to the gym to meet with my trainer. The initially plan was to do a 30 min workout and then from there decide whether or not he would be MY TRAINER for 90 days. Me and my cousin were originally going to travel this journey with this particular gym and trainer (possibly) together but it ended up just being me which is okay, sometimes you gotta do you and sometimes that requires you to do that alone. So in my car before I walked into the gym I already knew that my answer to lawton (my trainer) would be yes. I had to…..I couldnt wait around neither can I rely on others opinions of the details regarding it. It’s my fitness journey for a reason whether it is a success or a failure, its all learning. I definitely learned that I can’t follow people, I have to be led to make my own calls, my own decisions according to the divine will of God, so into the gym I went. Boy was I nervous, I didn’t know what exactly to expect. He was honestly surprised to see me lol cause I was quiet during our initial meet last week. We start with him seeing what I could do. He had me doing push ups, planks, pull ups, squats with weights, and this thing where I threw a weight ball down and picked it up as fast as I could. It was indeed a workout. Uh-oh (5%) lol okay. After all of that I received a diet plan where he made sure he incorporated things that I will not only eat but actually like. Leaving the the gym, I felt hopeful excited about another “marathon” eager to see the change. Today though I am SORE all of my upper body folks and my thighs lawd are TIGHT AND SORE. I am moving around as if I weigh way more than I actually weigh. So as my laptop is now at 4% I am planning on running a hot bathe and soaking and relaxing, but I just wanted to update you all on my fitness journey.. this is me now I can’t wait to see what I will be like in 90days

Y’all wasn’t getting a frontal pic lol
Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Day 3

I wanted Pizza so bad today, But I went home and made a Quinoa Bowl with quinoa, tomatoes,salsa,corn, chicken and avocado

Hello!! so its day three and I am honestly feeling ….good and tired. Last night was our first official meeting with our soon-to-be trainer.We weighed in, our bodies were scanned, and we sat down to talk about cost, workout, and diet layouts. He was honestly VERY TALKATIVE and it sounded as if he really knew his stuff AND he really was passionate about it. It honestly got overwhelming when he started laying things out ESPECIALLY when it came to those prices. My face clearing showed that even with my mask.  A lot thoughts started and is still going through my brain. I want to invest in myself but as a member of the working class of the united states of America, it’s not easy. Life happens. But then I am like where’s my faith? I set these goals for a reason. Sacrifice comes with achieving goals right?! I am going back and forth about investing in myself not only physically but also financially. A trainer yall can be pricey and that’s a leap for me to take. I believe that I would definitely commit cause I don’t pay with my money honey never have but its just whether to take that leap..or not lol. A lot of people have there say which is good to weigh out but at the end..what do I say??. As I sit and think about it, this has forced me to make that budget spreadsheet that is also a January goal and go from there…we shall see.

Pray my strength lol

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Day One

Day one. Our commitment was made to start our fitness journey’s on January 5th 2021. My commitment included:

  • Finding a gym and going and working out
  • No fast-food
  • Less sugar intake
  • Less carbs

After work, I met my cousin at the gym. I had arrived before the cousin so I parked and waited. As I am waiting, all I see are big bulky men walking in and out the gym. NO FEMALES. Instantly I got nervous because I am like “well I don’t want to be the only female at the gym. I don’t want no one looking at me..especially all these men” now, don’t get me wrong there were DEFINITELY some that (insert emoji here)were you know. I was nervous that’s all. Contrary to popular belief, I am quite shy im not the type that likes to be all in front of people like that especially strangers let alone a bunch a men who probably not paying me any mind. Once my cousin came we both walked in and met with our trainer lalton. He was very friendly and he told us his fitness story which by looking at him you wouldn’t believe. After that we set up a time to get our bodies scanned..which is on Thursday so we can go ahead and get started!! this is scary and exciting at the same time. I am glad I am not doing this alone otherwise I would be screwed lol so here’s to yet ANOTHER MARATHON!


2021 By Storm

Hey y’all! I know, I know “sis where have you been?!” listen, I been around trying to get myself together just like everyone else. 2021 is here and I am so grateful that I made through that year we will not EVEN mention okay?. I have set new goals but this time, I am doing something different. I wanted to be realistic about my goals for one, and two I wanted to challenge myself to actually go after the goals I set. Setting goals for 2021 as a whole wouldn’t work for me. I know this  because I procrastinate. I can see myself now telling myself I have time so, I am setting monthly goals: a financial goal, a spiritual goal as well as natural goals. I am not doing  this alone though, I have a good friend that is doing the same thing. We agreed that every month we would sit and go over our goals and where we are with them for accountability purposes. For January, my financial goal include: creating a budget spreadsheet. My spiritual goal includes having a steady prayer life. Not going a day without saying something to the good Lord. My natural goals include getting back to blogging which I am obviously doing with this post (with more to come!!). Another one, to find a fitness class or join a gym which I am happy to announce that I have! Just joined a gym yesterday and I have a meeting with a trainer this Thursday!!. My last natural goal includes starting to study for the LSAT. Yes its official. Ima go and do it. I am tired of people keep asking am I a lawyer yet we go 2021 month by month I’m taking you by storm!!

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Facing My Music

I can admit, when things don’t go my way like anyone, I get mad about it. Usually, my normal reaction is to automatically retreat. To cut people off without mention. I felt like I had the upper hand, control over getting my feelings hurt. In some cases, I would do so just to have someone chase me down. Especially men. Being “chased” made me feel wanted and loved. Why? don’t ask cause I’m still tryna figure that part out. I always been told how childish this was but I had to see it for myself. I had to realize that it was childish and that there was a better way of handling those feelings of being hurt or mad about someone doing or saying something to me. I am in control of my own actions. I dont have to do what others do to me. I can just forgive and literally forget. Forget meaning not letting it dictate how I behave. I honestly now catch myself before shutting down. I face what it is and internalize how to handle it before auntomatically going off the deep end. Now dont get me wrong, this IS A PROCESS so I do go back and forth with it in my mind or even when I vent about it BUT now I go back and forth instead of automatocally reacting..does that make sense? Geez I hope so lol. I am also trying to learn to give more mercy. Give others when appropriate the benefit of the doubt. I say ” when appropriate” because there are instance where you just have to retreat from toxic situations that dont mean you love people any less but….yeah. I am facing my issues…my music. I have a ways to go especially in the communucation front but its starting. Here


Sane Saturdays

Good are we? Another week down more to look forward to. This morning I woke up early, decided to only have coffee and to pray. Alot has been going on inside of me and I just needed to talk to God this morning. Telling him all about my problems, telling on people AND ON MY OWN SELF. I needed to pray because through the week with work and just being drained you do get lazy at putting in that one on one time so, on my knees I went. After which, I got up and I said I was going to take my trash out this morning..this turned into me taking a walk around my neighborhood. Its beautiful out today. Thinking, reflecting, trying to reevaluate the goals I have set for myself..setting new ones ..I am now more motivated than I was before I went on knees to pray. Prayer does so much yall you get up with more strength and motivation to go on. It works! Its no form or fashion. I was candid with God…not rude or disrespectful but it wasnt alot of the normal religious terminology used honey I had to get straight to it. God honors us being upfront and honest with him. He’s there to make us perfect he already knows we’re not. I am thankful this morning as I return to my abode. Eager to set goals, weekly routines etc. Try it. Pray and just tell God where you are right now whether its good or horribly bad. Ask for his help. Let him know you cant do it alone cause its the truth. We fail everytime when we try to handle or fix things ourselves. Ask him to fix it. Ask him to help you to LET HIM fix it. In any relationship including with God honesty is the best policy.!! Try and see!!..

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Day 29| A day in the life

Good Morning yall!!

Its a cold rainy day and I am here at work. Its hectic already smh. I am covering for someone else and I feel like I know what to do but it just seems like others think otherwise? Like instead of coming to me directly my supervisor is being IM’ed? And then all of a sudden my supervisor comes tp sit behind me? Asking if I need help ?? Like😅 So Im trying to just go on without letting the opinion of others get to me annnd at the same time not holding a grudge. I dont like fake stuff and I DEFINITELY dont like the behind the scenes stuff . You cant control others actions though. Just YOUR reaction. Pride will do that yall. Have you out here tryna act a certain kind of way to prove a point or to be petty, tryna get vengeance for yourself . Ending up having to repent. A MESS. God is good though lol its already 11 something so the rush is somewhat paying off!!. I have no idea what to have for dinner, aunt flow just have me not wanting to cook a thing lol so we will see.!!

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Day 28| Favorite beauty products

Hey guys!! Good morning!! Lets get right into today’s challenge favorite beauty products….

Mac pro palette studio finish skin corrector ×6. This concealor palette is a holy grail of mine. My daily make up routine is mostly my brows and when I tell you that this palette is very involved in the shaping making and molding my brows…HONEY whether I want a highlighted look ( by using a lighter than my skin color concealor) under my brows or just a basic brow look (using the concealor that matches my skin tone) this palette does it!!. I even contour when I wanna beat my face with the “deep brown” concealor which does what its needs to do especially to my cheek bones lawwwddd🙌🏾.

Mac veluxe brow liner. Another staple that I use every single day. It plays its role. To be honest though I use the spoolie waaaaay more than I use the actual brow pencil. I dont have natural eyebrows well, not alot so the spoolie gives that hair like look which I appreciate.

Fairy dust lip gloss by Kastle Boutique. Kastle boutique is a BLACK OWNED ✊🏾 beauty company that sells clothing, lashes, and lip glosses. Out of all I have seen besides the lashes, this lip gloss formerly known as Fairy Dust is my favorite. Its long lasting, it goes great with a lip liner gives a basic lip a little something extra. Not to mention my SISTER is the owner which makes me even MORE proud to flaunt it.!!

I encourage you to try these!! Click the links provided in the caption area if you are interested!!. Like and comment below and share your beauty products that are staples and that you like best. I may wanna try them!! ..Hope all is well with you all have a great rest of ya day!!