New Podcast Episode: Vent Night Sessions

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This mini vent session includes Quanay’s feelings about the recent events regarding Daunte Wright & 2nd LT Caron Nazario.

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Ever felt like you were just so unworthy to pray? Like God wouldn’t hear you let alone answer you because of all you have done??? Well this scripture is for you! Its a reminder that regardless of how low and dirty we have gotten He..God is able to make it right as if we never done those things in the first place. He is JUST THAT FAIR.This weeks episode of On Q with Quanay will explore this ..of course from personal experiences



Good Morning!! How have you all been?! It’s been a while since I really blogged. This morning I just felt a need to share this thought. Theres a lot going on especially in my life and some how I believe that God through his son jesus has managed to keep me going, keep me in good spirits whether it was through worship, drawing me to pray, or just his grace alone keeping me..in his protection I am learning that we gotta set boundaries to remain in good spirit when going through rough times. So what I am gonna do is start reading scriptures more, scriptures on who I am…worshipping him with song-which is what I do the most anyway..a song ALWAYS bring my mind and heart into subjection to the spirit. I am doing this to create and set boundaries that when people or even satan comes we can stop the right in their tracks and send them right back where they came from. I wanna share and also encourage those who are reading and maybe facing some stuff to do the same. Like I always say we are all in this marathon together!!!🥰😘


New Podcast Episode: Love in all the wrong places- Pt 1






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On this episode, we explore the attachment theory. A theory that basically states that the interaction between a caregiver and their child plays a part in how the child eventually interacts with others as adult. Note: I am NOT a psychologist, I am just trying to research and figure me out while taking you all along the way.