30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 27| Top tips for new bloggers

Really?… I just got back on the sadle in march of this year and this is my question? How am I supposed to know?? Lol…this challenge is for yall. Leave tips for me as a new blogger or any new bloggers out there. I am still learning. Theres so much uncovered territory. All tips are welcomed and appreciated !!

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 6| Six pet peeves you have

Good morning!!! Today’s challenge is simliar to the challenge listed in my 30 day blog challenge ( I am starting to notice that these challenges intertwine alot ) but anyways so my 6 pet peeves include:

  1. When people play around with pronouncing my name- honestly my BIGGEST pet peeve like don’t do that its Quanay (Quan-ay) like…if yoy dont know ask instead of just butching it lol
  2. When people call me and I call RIGHT BACK and they dont answer
  3. When people leave any type of leftover residue on tops whether its lotion tops, condiment tops, toothpaste etc
  4. When people act with ulterior motives- I can’t stand the messiness these days and I try to not engage myself as well.
  5. When people change the temperature controls in my car.
  6. When people who ask for a ride are not ready when I get there- My family is good for this one here lol I will tell them when I am on my way and STILL they are never ready when I arrive and ……yeah
30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 5| 5 Favorite Movies

Good Afternoon!! I sound more excited than I actually am. Its a typically monday at my job busy busy and busy. I tried to hold out on my goal of NO sugair and fast food but yall I done failed already lol pray my strength lol. I need coffee this morning and I need sugar in my coffee today !! Now ima try to not use as much so…idk just pray for me PLEASE. Anyways, for todays challenge..my 5 favorite movies. 1. Twilight- omg yall I love this movie..not because of the love story that consumes all the dark twisted vampire stuff. I LOVE edward and bellas love ..how intense it is. Yall, even the book is awesome…better than the movie in my opinion. Then there’s 2.The fault in our stars- another romance movie ..Augustus is😍🥰 ugh. 3.The lion king- my ALL TIME favorite childhood disney movie I can watch that anytime any day lol. 4. Love & Basketball– great 90’s movie, I literally know just about every line in this movie!! annnnd lastly I would have to maybe saaaayyyy 5. A Family that preys- it has a great storyline. Tyler Perry did his thing with this one.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 4| The meaning behind your blog


So because I already answered this in a blog challenege before I just decided to just repeat what I stated when asked this question so…when I decided to start writing again, I wanted my blog posts to record my journey in trying to draw closer to God. I also wanted to perhaps relate to anyone who were or have walked in my shoes. COVID-19 has gave me the greatest opportunity to really examine my life and start to put things into perspective. So, with that being said when I thought about my journey in getting closer with God, I thought about the christian race as if it was a marathon, steady and consistent. To personalize it, I chose to call it “Her Marathon” her referring to  myself. “On The Run” kinda symbolizes me deciding to fully dedicate myself to getting closer to God, running  away from my past, who I used to be, trying to become a better me through Christ. So….I put it all together and there came ” On the Run: Her Marathon”.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 30| Your hopes for your blog

GOOD MORNING!!!😁🌞!!!! we made it!!! 30 days straight blogging….getting to know little ole me..well actually, me getting to know little ole me. I thank you for hanging in there with me. Anyways for today’s challenge my hopes for “On The Run: Her Marathon”. Well first I hope to reach people. I hope that people are able to relate and enjoy my content. I even hope that this blog can help me grow more as a person from the inside out. I am hopeful that this blog can turn out to be great or into whatever God has in store for it to be. I hope my content helps people..whether thats by making people think, laugh, or challenge themselves. Again I thank all of you who have readn liked, commented, and have followed this blog so far and hopefully it continues to flourish from here.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 29| Where you will be in 5 years

Morning😁!!!! finally a day of rest!….yesterday was pretty busy, it was good though. I looked good and felt even better. With my cup of coffee and a slice of white potatoe pie, I guess I should get on to today’s challenge. In 5 years I will be around 35 so by then I would be out of law school either working for a private law firm OR maybe a state’s attorney’s office. I will probably still be on the east coast living in a suburban area home with my chocolate husband and our daughter and our dog🥰❤. Depending on which path I take in my legal career I MAY go towards opening my own law firm👀👀 that specializes in both business and family law.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 28| What makes you happy

Morning!! today’s going to be great and busy! I have a baby shower AND a birthday party to go to today (both quarantine friendly). So for today’s challenge…what makes me happy…? Music. Music has its way of taking my mind off of whatever is going on that may have me in my feelings, it also has its way of getting my mind set on the positive things of life. Dancing. Yes I am the wierdo who has private dance sessions by herself. Whether its in the kitchen while I am cooking, in the bathroom while in the shower, or in my car at a stop light dancing releases stress and burns calories lol so..yeah I enjoy randomly dancing, I may even make up beats in my head and just start randomly two stepping to them too lol. Food. Good comfort food brings obvious comforts and happiness ( no I am not an emotional eater). Heat. I love being warm and cozy. I feel very secure in coziness. Jesus. He should’ve been the first one I said. He has his way of bringing me out of EVERY slump. I can not begin to expound on how much he has gave me strength to keep on keeping on. He is my voice of reason. Personal Space. Although I do want a family, I find that I am somewhat of a loner. I like being able to have alone time to myself. To do whatever I want to do, alone. Doing me whatever that may consist of at that moment makes me happy and content. I am not that hard to please lol.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 27| The best trip of your life

Good Morning😁!!!… at work, should be working but here I am. I am a good worker though #trymenot lol I just didn’t want to forget today’s challenge and let the day pass me by without addressing it…EVEN THOUGH today’s challenge was actually supposed to be yesterday’s challenge ..but ANYWAYS let’s see the best trip of my life….I honestly don’t think I have had the best trip of my life ??? Yet??. I can recall a couple of decent trips. One in particular back in November of last year. I had to get my passport for my trip to Jamaica so I had to go to philadephia with my dad to pick it up. We ended up making a day of it , visiting family members we have in Philadephia while waiting for my passport to be processed. It was good to get to know family members on my dad’s side, and understand our family history. It was even better being driven around and fed too. It was a decent trip and I enjoyed driving around the city hearing those “back in the day” stories. It wasn’t a grand long trip but it was cool! I enjoyed it .

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 26| Hidden talent

Good Morning😁!!!! We are almost there guys!!.. before I get on with today’s challenge, I just want to say thank you to those of you who have read, liked, and commented on my blog. I thank those of you who chose to follow my blog as well. I appreciate the support one way or another. I thank you all so very much for recieving me on here !!!! *takes a breath* Okay……so! Low key a hidden talent I have is I’m pretty creative. I can draw. Now I am not claiming to be a artist buuuuut I am good at freelancing (is that a word?) I can look at a picture on a screen and draw it out. I almost never have to trace anything!. Now I can’t take full credit for this talent now being exposed. In my family, I have members who can draw really good. My mother has beautiful penmanship. My uncle and his son draw very well..waaay better than me. I have a brother and a sister who can freelance too. We are out here honey lol …soo yeah lol

Yes this is just a poster buuut I drew the fist out on a black poster board by just looking at a picture on my phone cutting out each piece of the fist and then gluing them on the white poster board.
30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 25| Why do you blog

I am sitting at my desk at work thinking about why I blog smh very productive right? works been crazy to say the least and I just need a break. I am saying this even though I JUST came back from a lunch break Lol…ANYWAYS….I low key always had a little thing for writing. I enjoyed writing poems and stuff so originally I started off on tumblr but then I just stopped. So this year when COVID 19 broke out I was working from home when I decided I wanted to try again and actually create a blog page on wordpress. This time I wanted to blog to just journal my process in trying to grow closer to God perhaps to relate to other people ..maybe even help someone else..we are all in this pilgrim journey together right??