30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 20| Minimum of 5 Favorite blogs

Soooo this was unfair! especially because I just got into the blog game so how am I supppsed to know which blogs are my favorites???? I guess Ill give four blogs I enjoy reading so far…

  1. http://www.daintym.com- I love reading her challenges
  2. http://www.lunatheblog.com- I enjoy reading her poetry bar posts
  3. http://www.walkingthroughpsalms.wordpress com- I enjoy reading the inspiration quotes
  4. http://www.thechristiandietblog.com

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 19| Favorite Childhood Book


I believe I was in high school when I read this book. I was in the book club…as the secretary yall lol. This book was about a dark skinned girl named Maleeka Madison who had self esteem issues due to her skin tone. She was a seventh grader who often was bullied by her classmates and even society because of her dark skin tone, even because of her hair at one point. Colorism within the black community has been a ongoing issue. Alot of people who are darker or even lighter have certain complexes, they struggle with being confident in their own skin. Somehow we have been convinced that being lighter is better, that having straight or looser curl patterns means that you have “good hair”. Being dark skinned was not always glamorized until recently. This book was a good read for me as a young brown skinned girl. Maleeka was definitely a relatable character and it allowed us in the book club to discuss the topic of colorism and being confident regardless of what skin tone we are. We are all black regardless and beautiful in our own right✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼🖤

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 18| What is your dream job?

I always knew what field I wanted to be in. It wasn’t until I got in college that I found out what I wanted to be in that field. That’s right yall, My dream job is to become a judge, a family law judge. I want to deal with children who sometimes lose their way or who do not have the necessary resources to be whatever they wanted to be, causing them to default to deviant behavior . I am aware that this area of law may come with some challenges especially when it comes to custody and divorces and so forth but, because my focus is helping the children at the end of the day, I am up for the challenge. The REAL challenge if I can just be honest is reapplying to law school. I ordered the latest version of the LSAT prep book but I just havent started studying for it, I am not as motivated as I should be. Life is short so why not go after what I want right?….so yeah lol

What are some of your career goals?? Have you started going after them? And how? If not whats stopping you? Think about it..comment below if you wanna talk about it!!

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 17 | The best thing that has happened this year

Y’all today has been eventful to say the least. I just received my package yesterday of blouses I purchased from Shein, so I thought I would put my dark blue one on today. So walking outside early 7:33am, it was pouring raining which wasn’t a surprise since Hurricane Isaias was paasing by today. The 20 minute drive to work was a bit difficult but I managed to pull in and I was thankful for God’s traveling mercy. So I go to open my car door and put up my umbrella, grab my coffee and proceed to scoot out my drivers seat when yall my cup of coffee spills all over me, my hair, and  my brand new blouse. I was over it then lol. I just poured the remaining coffee out on the grass, placed the cup back in my car, put down my umbrella and just walked towards the building in the rain. In my mind I wanted to get rid of the stain as well as the coffee smell. I get into work and I try to use wipes to wipe myself down to get rid of the stickiness that was resting on my chest from the coffee. The coffee also some how got into my badge case so I had to take that apart to wipe my badge down, which resulted in me having to head for the first aid kit lol so yeah today was indeed eventful.

Although today had its share of unforgettable events, I would have to say that the best thing that happened this year for me would be me drawing near to God . When COVID 19 first broke out, I was working from home and during that time I was able to reflect on myself. I started praying, reading the word, studying it, and really putting forth effort in applying what I read. During this time, there have been wonderful encounters that I will treasure. I have grown some much as a woman and I am grateful for the space I was given. I know I am no where near where I should be, and I am human I fall short and sometimes I lose my way BUT I still look forward to what is ahead for me.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 16| 10 Favorite Foods

  1. Cheeseburgers – This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE…TOP FAVORITE FOOD
  2. Quesadillas- preferably chicken over steak
  3. Pizza- Pepperoni
  4. Chicken ceasar salad w| ranch dressing
  5. Spinach leaves in my salads not romaine lettuce
  6. Strawberries
  7. Pancakes
  8. Bananas
  9. Buffalo Wings
  10. My mommas Macaroni & cheese!!!

Guys this was hard there were some I wanted to swap in and out cause I am in a way a foodie lol but nevertheless those are 10 of my favorite foods.

Comments below and share yours!!!

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 15| What do you collect

I am trying to stay ahead of this blog challenge to ensure I don’t miss a day, but it is honestly kind of hard when I don’t even know the answers to these questions which probably explains yet another reason why this is called a 30 day blog CHALLENGE. lol okay, so what do I collect.. the first thing that comes to mind is sunglasses. I love to buy them, but I don’t think I have enough to consider those a collection lol. I do however have a lot of T shirts so Ima just go with that. Honestly I do not know how I ended up with so many T shirts. Some were brought back as a souvenir , some were actually purchased by me, some where given to me from a job or my mom lol, very little of my collection was due to me personally buying them though. I do have a thing for screen tees in particular. T shirts in general, are sooo comfortable with a pair a tights especially on hot days like we been having here lately on the east coast…HONEY. They are versatile too. You can tie them, cut them into crop tops or racer back tees, heck walk around your house in just one..they are EVERYTHING. It pays to have many of them. The older ones are great for arts and crafts even doing your hair. I love t shirts and I like my collection and I am open to collecting more ! lol

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 14| Proudest moment

It took about 6 years to get to even get to that moment. Growing up, I honestly never had any goals or ambition, my plan was to move away, get a decent job, and just live. I have a sister who is very intelligent, she kept straight A’s, was even awarded the valedictorian in middle school. It was honestly a no brainer that she would go on to college and become great!. Me? I was a C student, I honestly didn’t try, I was just trying to get by. It wasn’t until senior year in high school that college became something I wanted to try. Ministers at my church encouraged me to apply, took me and some friends to visit some HBCUs, so I went on to apply not expecting to get admitted due to to my grades and ended up starting my college career at Virginia State University!. I had some hick ups, had to take some time off but I ended graduating from Bowie State University in 2015 with a bachelors of science degree. Not only did I graduate but I was the FIRST person in my whole family to graduate college..on ON BOTH SIDES can you believe that?? never even imagined that I would be the first. I was so proud of myself that I finally did it, I was even proud of the journey, what I learned, the lifetime friendships I have built with people I met while in school. What made me even more proud, was that my father told me someone asked him why did he decided to go to college, and he told me he said “because of my daughter” guys…….omg that made me sooo proud. I’m now a ripple effect, a influence to my loved ones young and old to pursue a career and an education. Regardless of where you come from or how long it may take , you can do anything you put your mind to do.!!

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 13| Top of your bucket list

Today at 4pm

It has taken me this long to post today because I had to think. Think about what if anything was on my “Bucket list” ?. I was talking to a co worker today and she was telling me how her bucket list are full of just places she wanted to go before she die, and I am sitting there across from her like ??? I don’t know what I wanna do before I die, am I THAT boring? THAT content? THAT closed off? she then goes “well you making a bucket list SHOULD BE ON THE TOP OF YOUR BUCKET LIST” and BANG! there goes a light bulb…the top of my bucket list y’all is making one lol

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 12| ” If you won the lottery”

My thing about this is, this topic here doesn’t specify how much you have won?! lol I mean that plays a HUGE part in how I would spend it if I even gambled?? ..but for this blog’s sake lets just say hypothetically I won ….let’s say …about 91.6 million AFTER taxes (whoa…I know I know a girl can only dream right?). THE FIRST TWO things I am doing is first, as my reasonable service, 10 percent goes to the lord in tithing. Second, my student loans as well as my mother’s parent plus loans would be non existent ASAP!. I honestly wouldn’t want people to know that I won, I definitely wouldn’t tell most of my family..perhaps just my parents and my siblings but I guess you can’t stop news like that from spreading. People would come outta no where talking about “rememeber when we used to…” for me to be like “we who?”. After I handle the first two things, I would buy a home and a puppy lol. Not a big home cause its just me but spacious and cozy enough to satisfy me.Then, I would look into investing and saving the rest.Contact a fianancial advisor..a legit one and go from there. Although…If there WAS a charity I found compelled to donate to, I would look into that as well. Besides all of that I wouldnt do much I would be scared of blowing it that I wouldnt wanna do mich with it besides what I said lol. I would still work like a normal person. I would keep the car I have probably pay that off too and keep it moving. When it comes to dating I would have to DEFINITELY keep the discernment on to pinpoint any vouchers! Lol. I just wouldnt wanna change. Money can bring the worse out of people. I come from very humble beginnings and I would really be focused on staying level headed “if I won the lottery….”

So yeah lol ugh I am so awkward lol

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 11| The meaning behind your blog name

“One the Run : Her Marathon”

When I decided to start writing again, I wanted my blog posts to record my journey in trying to draw closer to God. I also wanted to perhaps relate to anyone who were or have walked in my shoes. COVID-19 has gave me the greatest opportunity to really examine my life and start to put things into perspective. So, with that being said when I thought about my journey in getting closer with God, I thought about the christian race as if it was a marathon, steady and consistent. To personalize it, I chose to call it “Her Marathon” her referring to myself. “On The Run” kinda symbolizes me deciding to fully dedicate myself to getting closer to God, running away from my past, who I used to be, trying to become a better me through Christ. So….I put it all together and there came ” On the Run: Her Marathon”.