Gospel Series, Inspiration

The Gospel Series: John Chapter 1

I decided to begin my series with the Gospel of John. The book of St. John starts off sort of in the same way Genesis does in the old testament. The first chapter lets me know that Jesus has been in picture from the very beginning. Make no mistake about it. Chapter one was a great introduction not only to the book but to the gospel period. It gave me a summary of who Jesus was… excuse me, IS.. why he came, and what this means for me and you. It also gave a synopsis of what I can look forward to in reading this Gospel.

Gospel Series, Inspiration


The Gospel Series:


So! I wanted to start a series to document my personal reflections while reading the four gospels in the New Testament. Whether you are new to the family of faith or you find yourself with the desire to draw even closer to God ..this series aims to give a better understanding of the who, what, when, where & why when it comes to JESUS CHRIST. Please note I am in no way, shape or form professing to be a scholar, as a christian, I want to understand the “Good News” even better, to allow it to lead my life while properly sharing this news. We as  witnesses gotta know what we talking about when telling the good news. Its imperative. Each Gospel has its own unique take on the whereabouts and the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ. Regardless we need to keep these everyday teachings in mind and apply them every single day.! I am eager to take away something different this time! make sure you stay tuned! don’t hesitate to like, comment, or share any thoughts you have throughout the series.