Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Day 9 of 10 day green Smoothie cleanse

Good afternoon y’all just wanted yall to see the progress!! I am just now finding out that I actually like peppers!! I honestly don’t know why I wouldn’t like peppers but I actually do I had them in the fridge for a salad I planned on making once this Cleanse was up and I’m like “well I wonder what it would be like by itself with other veggies and I’m honestly impressed especially with this avocado ranch dressing???!!! Listening I’m not doing too bad today how are you all doing???

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Day 6- 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Good Morning Everyone😊 How are we?? ( comment below I really wanna know how you all are doing). Just an update yes day 6 six of this Cleanse y’all and I am honestly doing okay..Day 4 was HARD I was craving foods for most the day but I kept telling myself ” I gotta beat my friend who only made it to day 4😅😅😅 so I been hanging on. Day 5 was eventful I was irritable ( it’s expected according to the book) and went off on my siblings SMH. So yeah y’all day 6 we are here! Hanging in there.

What challenges are you on for this month?? What goals have to set to achieve by the end of this month? COMMENT BELOW!!!

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

New Vegan Challenge

Hey everyone, I KNOW I KNOW, “what happened to the gym sis??”… listennn, due to unforeseen circumstances( the passing of my nana ) I ended up ending my training sessions with Lawton a couple of weeks before my trial ended. I honestly wasn’t feeling motivated, I hung on for as long as I could. I am proud of myself that I even went through with it and stuck to it as long as I did. I definitely seen the benefit of having that accountability, if it didn’t cost so much I probably would try to resume buuuuuut my pockets right now ain’t having it…yet. So I had kinda fell off UNTIL I watched this documentary called “What the Health?” on Netflix and guys I quickly decided that I am going VEGAN..well, I am gonna try it for 30 days. To kick start this challenge, I went on amazon and purchased the book, 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith who is a certified nutritionist, NY Times best selling author, and weight loss expert specializing in healthy, fast weight loss.  According to JJ Smith, this cleanse is made to increase energy, improve overall health, and even clear your mind. This book supplies the preparation, and the motivation to get through the 10 day challenge. So far I am on Day 3. How it basically works is you make a smoothie that you drink 3 times a day along with 64 ounces of water and a choice of snacks throughout the day. I have experienced cravings but not too much, I am hungry but not to the point where I am willing to stray away from the challenge. Pimples have made their appearance, which was anticipated according to the book, acne is apparently one of the body’s way of detoxing the body. In so many words I am hanging in there, after this ten day challenge I will continue as a vegan for the remaining 20 days of June…so here we go, bare with me !!

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Another one down

He says I am looking ” leaner” what do you guys think??

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you all an update. I had a session with lawton and as usual he worked me out. Its gonna get a little more intense mentally since I’ve now learned that I have to do workouts he give me on my own two times a week in addition to what we already do on monday’s. Thats nerve recking because I’m not fully comfortable lifting weights alone..I’m used to having him there. I am planning on trying to go to the gym when its less busy so I can be more comfortable lol. We will see.

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

I Cheated😔

Good Morning everyone! I have GOT to get a blogging schedule going. I wanna be able to post the same day and same time of every week. Pray my strength. ANYWAY so y’all read the title, yes I cheated for the first time this past Saturday. The thing is ..well the thing was, I had already been craving something bad that Friday before. I was able to resist the craving thanks to a friend but HONNNEYYYY when I woke up the next morning ….. I already knew I was gonna go right to burger king. A double whopper with cheese meal…small, with a sweet tea is what I was gonna get. It was premeditated. I went to my annual physical and to burger king I went. I ate it on the way home. I didn’t however feel satisfied. It was good but it didn’t give me that ahhhh like the “that’s-what-I-needed” type of satisfaction. It honestly wasn’t even worth it smh. So back to it I go. Last night I had a session with lawton and he had me ..doing all kinds of things. He had me on the squat rack, doing bench presses, and chest flies..working me out man. As far as soreness thighs are sore that’s about it praise God. My friends and i are supposed to go out to this seafood place this upcoming Saturday I said I may just seafood but I just don’t wanna cheat anymore like I wanna be fully committed to the lifestyle change I am tryna get so as of right now? I’m not planning on cheating again no time soon. AGAIN. Pray my strength lol.

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)
Lunch for the work week : Chicken breast, Spinach & Quinoa

Hey y’all, so yesterday was meal prep day. For this week, breakfast includes; 4 eggs, a banana, and a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal 🙄. For lunch; chicken breast, raw spinach, and quinoa. And for dinner; fish and asparagus. As snacks I have either a rice cake or an apple with a protein shake. This honestly sounds very bland BUT I am going to make it work the best way I can. The good thing is, if this plan doesn’t work for me, my trainer is willing to move some things around to make it possible for me to eat which I think is cool. He’s that flexible🥰. I honestly did not feel like going to the gym yesterday but I went. The workout wasn’t bad. We focused on a combination of legs and upper body. Im lifting weights already lol. I felt fine afterwards. I thought that I would be sore today but I am not sore at ALL!!!! #wonthedoit. I hope it wont come tommorrow either. This is definitely an adjustment. From eating 6 times a day to working out 3 times a week I do feel productive and I can honestly say I am not as stressed as I was before. Meal prepping in general is very beneficial. I dont have to worry about cooking this week let alone washing dishes. I hate doing dishes lol. I can grab n go and I like that part of meal prepping. You guys should try it!! I bought these containers from amazon and a lunch box and I was rolling this morning lol Definitely worth the investment!!! I hope you all are having a great productive day and dont worry Ima keep yall updated !!! 😘

Nay Fitness ( My Journey)
First day w\ Lawton

Hey Y’all heeeyyy… so really quick ( my laptop is on 8% lol ) just an update. I went to the gym to meet with my trainer. The initially plan was to do a 30 min workout and then from there decide whether or not he would be MY TRAINER for 90 days. Me and my cousin were originally going to travel this journey with this particular gym and trainer (possibly) together but it ended up just being me which is okay, sometimes you gotta do you and sometimes that requires you to do that alone. So in my car before I walked into the gym I already knew that my answer to lawton (my trainer) would be yes. I had to…..I couldnt wait around neither can I rely on others opinions of the details regarding it. It’s my fitness journey for a reason whether it is a success or a failure, its all learning. I definitely learned that I can’t follow people, I have to be led to make my own calls, my own decisions according to the divine will of God, so into the gym I went. Boy was I nervous, I didn’t know what exactly to expect. He was honestly surprised to see me lol cause I was quiet during our initial meet last week. We start with him seeing what I could do. He had me doing push ups, planks, pull ups, squats with weights, and this thing where I threw a weight ball down and picked it up as fast as I could. It was indeed a workout. Uh-oh (5%) lol okay. After all of that I received a diet plan where he made sure he incorporated things that I will not only eat but actually like. Leaving the the gym, I felt hopeful excited about another “marathon” eager to see the change. Today though I am SORE all of my upper body folks and my thighs lawd are TIGHT AND SORE. I am moving around as if I weigh way more than I actually weigh. So as my laptop is now at 4% I am planning on running a hot bathe and soaking and relaxing, but I just wanted to update you all on my fitness journey.. this is me now I can’t wait to see what I will be like in 90days

Y’all wasn’t getting a frontal pic lol
Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

Day 3

I wanted Pizza so bad today, But I went home and made a Quinoa Bowl with quinoa, tomatoes,salsa,corn, chicken and avocado

Hello!! so its day three and I am honestly feeling ….good and tired. Last night was our first official meeting with our soon-to-be trainer.We weighed in, our bodies were scanned, and we sat down to talk about cost, workout, and diet layouts. He was honestly VERY TALKATIVE and it sounded as if he really knew his stuff AND he really was passionate about it. It honestly got overwhelming when he started laying things out ESPECIALLY when it came to those prices. My face clearing showed that even with my mask.  A lot thoughts started and is still going through my brain. I want to invest in myself but as a member of the working class of the united states of America, it’s not easy. Life happens. But then I am like where’s my faith? I set these goals for a reason. Sacrifice comes with achieving goals right?! I am going back and forth about investing in myself not only physically but also financially. A trainer yall can be pricey and that’s a leap for me to take. I believe that I would definitely commit cause I don’t pay with my money honey never have but its just whether to take that leap..or not lol. A lot of people have there say which is good to weigh out but at the end..what do I say??. As I sit and think about it, this has forced me to make that budget spreadsheet that is also a January goal and go from there…we shall see.

Pray my strength lol