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Disregard the “tomorrow” I had posted it yesterday too!!

Morning all😊 we made it to see another day🙌🏾. Listen, I have a new episode airing today on my podcast ” On Q with Quanay” titled “Waiting to Exhale Part One” I will be diving into waiting for a husband how its been what Ive been learning and how its currently going!! Be sure to check out on either Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean or Amazon at 12:04pm today!! I thank you all for liking my content both on the blog and on my podcasts! Talk to y’all soon!!

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Facing My Music

I can admit, when things don’t go my way like anyone, I get mad about it. Usually, my normal reaction is to automatically retreat. To cut people off without mention. I felt like I had the upper hand, control over getting my feelings hurt. In some cases, I would do so just to have someone chase me down. Especially men. Being “chased” made me feel wanted and loved. Why? don’t ask cause I’m still tryna figure that part out. I always been told how childish this was but I had to see it for myself. I had to realize that it was childish and that there was a better way of handling those feelings of being hurt or mad about someone doing or saying something to me. I am in control of my own actions. I dont have to do what others do to me. I can just forgive and literally forget. Forget meaning not letting it dictate how I behave. I honestly now catch myself before shutting down. I face what it is and internalize how to handle it before auntomatically going off the deep end. Now dont get me wrong, this IS A PROCESS so I do go back and forth with it in my mind or even when I vent about it BUT now I go back and forth instead of automatocally reacting..does that make sense? Geez I hope so lol. I am also trying to learn to give more mercy. Give others when appropriate the benefit of the doubt. I say ” when appropriate” because there are instance where you just have to retreat from toxic situations that dont mean you love people any less but….yeah. I am facing my issues…my music. I have a ways to go especially in the communucation front but its starting. Here


Day 29| A day in the life

Good Morning yall!!

Its a cold rainy day and I am here at work. Its hectic already smh. I am covering for someone else and I feel like I know what to do but it just seems like others think otherwise? Like instead of coming to me directly my supervisor is being IM’ed? And then all of a sudden my supervisor comes tp sit behind me? Asking if I need help ?? Like😅 So Im trying to just go on without letting the opinion of others get to me annnd at the same time not holding a grudge. I dont like fake stuff and I DEFINITELY dont like the behind the scenes stuff . You cant control others actions though. Just YOUR reaction. Pride will do that yall. Have you out here tryna act a certain kind of way to prove a point or to be petty, tryna get vengeance for yourself . Ending up having to repent. A MESS. God is good though lol its already 11 something so the rush is somewhat paying off!!. I have no idea what to have for dinner, aunt flow just have me not wanting to cook a thing lol so we will see.!!

Hows everyones day going?? Like and comment and share what your “day in the life ” is like!!


Day 28| Favorite beauty products

Hey guys!! Good morning!! Lets get right into today’s challenge favorite beauty products….

Mac pro palette studio finish skin corrector ×6. This concealor palette is a holy grail of mine. My daily make up routine is mostly my brows and when I tell you that this palette is very involved in the shaping making and molding my brows…HONEY whether I want a highlighted look ( by using a lighter than my skin color concealor) under my brows or just a basic brow look (using the concealor that matches my skin tone) this palette does it!!. I even contour when I wanna beat my face with the “deep brown” concealor which does what its needs to do especially to my cheek bones lawwwddd🙌🏾.

Mac veluxe brow liner. Another staple that I use every single day. It plays its role. To be honest though I use the spoolie waaaaay more than I use the actual brow pencil. I dont have natural eyebrows well, not alot so the spoolie gives that hair like look which I appreciate.

Fairy dust lip gloss by Kastle Boutique. Kastle boutique is a BLACK OWNED ✊🏾 beauty company that sells clothing, lashes, and lip glosses. Out of all I have seen besides the lashes, this lip gloss formerly known as Fairy Dust is my favorite. Its long lasting, it goes great with a lip liner gives a basic lip a little something extra. Not to mention my SISTER is the owner which makes me even MORE proud to flaunt it.!!

I encourage you to try these!! Click the links provided in the caption area if you are interested!!. Like and comment below and share your beauty products that are staples and that you like best. I may wanna try them!! ..Hope all is well with you all have a great rest of ya day!!