Sane Saturday🙌🏾

Good Afternoon!! How are we doing? I am doing much better today than I have been earlier this week😫. I chose to take today to declutter and clean my space spiritually and naturally. I started by annointing my bottle of olive oil and went through my residence while playing scriptures. I then decided to pray over my place which led me to go into prayer in my secret closet. Its always important to plug into prayer I am seeing that more and more. I felt so powerful in prayer today and I believed EVERY word that I was led to speak out my mouth🙌🏾. Now, I am oragnizing my month. Going over meetings and events which is theraputic for me, it makes me feel so at peace y’all like forreal. I been focusing on rebranding my Podcast for season two and it hasnt been the easiest ESPECIALLY since I am still new at this. But I did dedicate my podcast and platform to God to lead and guide me, to have HIS way with me as I am on this platform. I hope you all are doing the same for your lives and platforms. He is there to help, all we have to do is ask and believe it and it honestly goes from there.

Tell me though , how do you all go about your saturdays..what are some of the things you do to relax and get to a space of peace on the weekends COMMENT BELOW🥰


New Podcast Episode: Dorm Diaries

Join Quanay and guest co-host Kyndra Crump as they discuss their HBCU dormitory experiences both good and the bad.

Kyndra Crump is a up and coming comedian/tv host hailing from the ATL. You can find her on instagram ( @thekyndracrumpshow) youtube ( Kyndra Crump) spotify, applepodcasts, anchor (The Kyndra Crump Show)

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New Episode airing today!!

Disregard the “tomorrow” I had posted it yesterday too!!

Morning all😊 we made it to see another day🙌🏾. Listen, I have a new episode airing today on my podcast ” On Q with Quanay” titled “Waiting to Exhale Part One” I will be diving into waiting for a husband how its been what Ive been learning and how its currently going!! Be sure to check out on either Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean or Amazon at 12:04pm today!! I thank you all for liking my content both on the blog and on my podcasts! Talk to y’all soon!!