SEASON FINALE OF On Q with Quanay Podcast

15 podcast episodes later and here we are…the SEASON FINALE!! we( my friend, my sister & I) will be discussing heartbreak- how it felt, our coping mechanisms, lessons learned and more!! TUNED IN TOMORROW AT 12:04PM !!

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New Podcast Episode: Dorm Diaries

Join Quanay and guest co-host Kyndra Crump as they discuss their HBCU dormitory experiences both good and the bad.

Kyndra Crump is a up and coming comedian/tv host hailing from the ATL. You can find her on instagram ( @thekyndracrumpshow) youtube ( Kyndra Crump) spotify, applepodcasts, anchor (The Kyndra Crump Show)

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New Episode airing today!!

Disregard the “tomorrow” I had posted it yesterday too!!

Morning all😊 we made it to see another day🙌🏾. Listen, I have a new episode airing today on my podcast ” On Q with Quanay” titled “Waiting to Exhale Part One” I will be diving into waiting for a husband how its been what Ive been learning and how its currently going!! Be sure to check out on either Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean or Amazon at 12:04pm today!! I thank you all for liking my content both on the blog and on my podcasts! Talk to y’all soon!!