Day 18| Top places you want to travel

For todays challenge we are talking about where I would want to travel. To be honest, the way this world is set up at the moment I am honestly cool with where Ive already been BUT for the challenge’s sake, the top 3 places I would want to travel to would include:

  • Fiji- it looks so beautiful in pictures I can only imagine how it looks in person
  • Dubai- 😍 the restaurant with the aquarium ..the mall even the beaches are BEAUTIFUL and I would love to eat at the restaurant and walk along the beach.
  • Dominican Republic

Day 16 & 17| Thankful Thursday with a OOTD

Soo I clearly skipped yesterdays challenge so I figured for accountability purposes..I’d combine yesterday and todays challenge so lets get right into I am thankful for everything I have that hasnt changed. I am thankful for being a strong woman, being a person that doesnt give up or in regardless of what comes or goes. Now lets not get it twisted, all my ability comes from no one BUT God. So yeah im very thankful.


Day 15| Link love- your favorite articles, blogs etc

Morning!! Well basically afternoon..honestly feeling pretty okay. So for todays challenge I am going to share a few links of blogs that I enjoy reading so far. The below listed blogs are inspirational both spiritually and even when it comes to maintaining your blog ESPECIALLY when you are just starting off. I am still new to this blog thing so I am SURE there are so many more favorites that will become an addition to this list so lets get right into it.


Day 14| What’s on your playlist

Morning!! Hows everyone?? I honestly have no complaints at all!!. So for todays challenge ..what’s on your playlist? Well on youtube I have a playlist of favorites so I choose a few that I play often from that list

  1. Distant- Franchesca ..soo I stumbled across this artist while viewing hair tutorials on youtube. To me, she gives modern day gospel vibes..the lyrics are great with a more current beat.
  2. Jesus we love you- Isabel Davis.. this song popped in my head while at work one day randomly so ever since then I play this just to sing praises to God.
  3. Here I am to worship-Heather Headley.. I used to listen to this song waay back when CD’s were a thing (are they still a thing or??)..I love the soulful twist that heather adds to this hymn. She makes it sounds like ots coming from waaaay down in her being.
  4. Be glorified- Joe pace & the guiding light..this is a daily riding song to work..I dont play it every day but almost every couple of days depending on how pandora does lol
  5. Great and Mighty-Champion oh I love this one..this is another one that I often ride to work to and it doesnt depend on hoe pandora acts either lol
  6. Lord you’re mighty- Youthful Praise ..

Day 13| Favorite Childhood memories

Morning😁 so today’s challenge is asking about my favorite childhood memories. I would have to say I enjoyed playing with some kids from my grandmas neighborhood when she used to watch us. We played games like Mr fox, Hot butter bean, Hide and seek, exploring in the woods its was cool. I even enjoyed going to card games with my mom and playing with my cousins while my mom played cards with their parents. Most of the fun memories were when I was with my mother’s family compared to my dads.


Day 12| Weekend highlights

Hey yall I had a decent 3 day weekend. I honestly could use another day but at least the week will be shorter right?. Anyways this weekend highlights included today. On this date God allow two special people both who are my best friends to be born on today October the 22…so I went on and delivered a gift to each of them. The highlight however wasnt them PERSAY it was seeing their children😍🥰. For the sake of privacy I wont name names but yall …both of them are precious one, just graced us a month ago while the other one is a ball of energy that keep everyone on their toes. Ugh awesome. Kids keep you going lol I just hope I wont get tired out so quick when mine come lol


Day 11| what/who inspires you the most

Good Afternoon!! for today’s challenge ..I will be talking about who / what inspires me the most. I would have to say that as far as the who inspires me the most….I would have to give that one to God. He and his son Jesus Christ gives me the strength as well as the motivation to keep going on. I have found that he has shown me alot, he has allowed things to come to make me a better person…a better woman. He has been my hiding place. As far as the what inspires me ?? Ummm it honestly can be anytime.


Day 9|Throwback Thursday

Negril, Jamaica 2019

Hey guys!! For todays challenge “throwback thursday” actually throwback friday forreal …I decided to share this random picture from last year when I went to jamaica. I had just got done paddleboarding for the first time . It was interesting but yall my knees were …..LORD lol ..I couldnt stand up on the board I fell everytime which was funny in itself so I had to do it on my knees…its definitely a workout lol


Day 8| A day in the life

Morning😁 I honestly dont know how to feel about giving details about a typical day because THERE ARE WIERDOS OUT THERE…so Ima try to keep it as vague as possible 🤣🤣😅

  • 6:45am-“wake up & pray” alarm goes off. It’s usually loud enough to wake me but I still snooze it AT LEAST once lol
  • 7am- “Thank you Jesus for another day” is the first thing that comes out of my mouth before I pull myself outta bed it has become a habit.
  • 7:35am ish- by this time I am rushing out the door with my coffee hoping that I make it to work on time. I usually evaluate this by using landmarks on my way to work “if I am at this point by this time Im good” lol forever rushing.
  • 8am ish – work begins..and it is intertwined with blogging, texting and even reading a scripture lol but some days are more productive than others.
  • End of day- the day has gone…” thank you lord for seeing me safely home” is what I say as I enter my home and place my keys on the hook. I am usually on the phone or just watching TV until I dose off to sleep.