New Episode airing today!!

Disregard the “tomorrow” I had posted it yesterday too!!

Morning all😊 we made it to see another day🙌🏾. Listen, I have a new episode airing today on my podcast ” On Q with Quanay” titled “Waiting to Exhale Part One” I will be diving into waiting for a husband how its been what Ive been learning and how its currently going!! Be sure to check out on either Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean or Amazon at 12:04pm today!! I thank you all for liking my content both on the blog and on my podcasts! Talk to y’all soon!!



Ever felt like you were just so unworthy to pray? Like God wouldn’t hear you let alone answer you because of all you have done??? Well this scripture is for you! Its a reminder that regardless of how low and dirty we have gotten He..God is able to make it right as if we never done those things in the first place. He is JUST THAT FAIR.This weeks episode of On Q with Quanay will explore this ..of course from personal experiences