Nay Fitness ( My Journey)

New Vegan Challenge

Hey everyone, I KNOW I KNOW, “what happened to the gym sis??”… listennn, due to unforeseen circumstances( the passing of my nana ) I ended up ending my training sessions with Lawton a couple of weeks before my trial ended. I honestly wasn’t feeling motivated, I hung on for as long as I could. I am proud of myself that I even went through with it and stuck to it as long as I did. I definitely seen the benefit of having that accountability, if it didn’t cost so much I probably would try to resume buuuuuut my pockets right now ain’t having it…yet. So I had kinda fell off UNTIL I watched this documentary called “What the Health?” on Netflix and guys I quickly decided that I am going VEGAN..well, I am gonna try it for 30 days. To kick start this challenge, I went on amazon and purchased the book, 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith who is a certified nutritionist, NY Times best selling author, and weight loss expert specializing in healthy, fast weight loss.  According to JJ Smith, this cleanse is made to increase energy, improve overall health, and even clear your mind. This book supplies the preparation, and the motivation to get through the 10 day challenge. So far I am on Day 3. How it basically works is you make a smoothie that you drink 3 times a day along with 64 ounces of water and a choice of snacks throughout the day. I have experienced cravings but not too much, I am hungry but not to the point where I am willing to stray away from the challenge. Pimples have made their appearance, which was anticipated according to the book, acne is apparently one of the body’s way of detoxing the body. In so many words I am hanging in there, after this ten day challenge I will continue as a vegan for the remaining 20 days of June…so here we go, bare with me !!


2021 By Storm

Hey y’all! I know, I know “sis where have you been?!” listen, I been around trying to get myself together just like everyone else. 2021 is here and I am so grateful that I made through that year we will not EVEN mention okay?. I have set new goals but this time, I am doing something different. I wanted to be realistic about my goals for one, and two I wanted to challenge myself to actually go after the goals I set. Setting goals for 2021 as a whole wouldn’t work for me. I know this  because I procrastinate. I can see myself now telling myself I have time so, I am setting monthly goals: a financial goal, a spiritual goal as well as natural goals. I am not doing  this alone though, I have a good friend that is doing the same thing. We agreed that every month we would sit and go over our goals and where we are with them for accountability purposes. For January, my financial goal include: creating a budget spreadsheet. My spiritual goal includes having a steady prayer life. Not going a day without saying something to the good Lord. My natural goals include getting back to blogging which I am obviously doing with this post (with more to come!!). Another one, to find a fitness class or join a gym which I am happy to announce that I have! Just joined a gym yesterday and I have a meeting with a trainer this Thursday!!. My last natural goal includes starting to study for the LSAT. Yes its official. Ima go and do it. I am tired of people keep asking am I a lawyer yet we go 2021 month by month I’m taking you by storm!!

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 19| Favorite Childhood Book

Hey ladies and gents! so for today’s challenge I decided to share this amazing book that I read while in book club in either middle or high school. This book shined a light on a prevalent issue that has been within the black community: colorism . Colorism is defined as a prejudice or discrimination especially within a racial or ethnic group favoring people with lighter skin over those with darker skin. To be light skinned has been looked at as being more attractive and accepted by society while being darker skinned is looked at as being aggressive and less attractive. I believe this stemmed from slavery times. Light skinned people were known to be described as being “fair skinned” like what does that even mean?? it appeared that they were more preferred than the darker complexions which created this thing that being light is better. there was a silent war going on in the midst of the blacks light vs dark. There was a time where I had a complex about my complexion. Most of my siblings were lighter than I was so it was a thing that I was darker, it was always a joke. I was often reminded that I was darker. I was called a black something by someone. I honestly didn’t understand why?. The complex though didn’t come from my family, it came in middle school. It just seemed like the light skin girls with the “good hair” got the guys. I was never the one approached ..always the friend of the girl who was approached. I will say that later on I truly understood why that actually was though (a blog for another day honey lol) so thankfully that complex didn’t stick for long lol its good to know that melanin in all its shade of beauty is being celebrated and all blacks are starting to dismiss the notion that one tone is better than the other.


It’s been awhile but anyway…

It’s a lot going on, a lot of chaos, frustration, anger, confusion, misunderstandings..the list goes on. We all know what the issues are whether we agree on them or not. I just wish there was a sound way to getting a resolution. I am angry that we all can’t get along. I am frustrated that we all are all over the place feeling the same way but not on one accord to getting the issue solved. To be honest I don’t know what to believe. Riots are going on but then I hear that they are instigated by people…people leaving random bricks on the street where NO CONSTRUCTION IS GOING ON???..people …. apparently paying other people to loot businesses making it look on the news as if black people are going off as “animals” and the news hardly broadcasting the positive..the peaceful protest where policemen are shaking hands, praying , and even marching with the public…its like social media loves the drama. I don’t know what to think. I do know point blank period racism and prejudice against blacks is raging at an all time high. People are REAL comfortable these days letting us know how they been seeing us all along. Police brutality has indeed illustrated that..CLEARLY while those in charge of law and policies silently permit this to go on. I do know that I want this to end with a true change..some type of resolution..revolution…or some law or movement that won’t be forgotten. Something everyone won’t forget. Is this wishful thinking? is this far fetched? it is unchangeable??? seems that way but that won’t stop me from saying something even praying forreal for something to break. I need sanity cause this right here….like every other black person I am half way exhausted…like what more do we need to do?? don’t give me that black on black crime stuff either cause that’s different and invalid when it comes to this! and y’all know it.. gang violence does not justify the law enforcement(those in charge of making us safe) killing us voluntarily and violently OR viewing and treating us like we some beast on the loose. That’s a whole other discussion that is needed..gang violence that is however this is the present and a bigger issue and being aware to me aint enough. Someone ..something has to happen NATIONWIDE soon…….again I don’t know what to do or think at this point …when someone comes up with something …let me know I’ll just keep making awareness and praying until then …I don’t know what else to do..

That’s all .


Of power, of love, and of a sound mind

This week has been a week. I call myself trying to workout from home. The youtube video I chose CLAIMED that it was for beginners but I beg to differ, left me with thighs feeling as tight as a pickle jar top so, I decided to just go for a walk twice a week lol. In my mind I have also fought off fears of what is to come, doubts of living up to the “height of being a true christian”, and even frustrations of things not going my way. I felt inadequate, that I just couldn’t deal. I had in mind just to huddle up to myself in my room…close my black out curtains and turn my phone off ..just isolate myself and throw a good ole pity party but then I just got up and started moving. That quick my mind shifted, I forgot what I went to do but just doing something took my mind away from the negative thoughts that were parading in my head..I believe I eventually went to pray which as always helped even more. I looked up at my sticky note that read ” God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind” and I realized that this race is an everyday fight. It’s a war full of battles won and sometimes lost. Regardless of what flaws, mistakes or shortcomings we fall into, we have to get ourselves together and keep going. Me? I tend to beat myself up from time to time not giving myself enough credit. I’ m obviously a threat if satan is tryna keep me down with lies of doubts, fears and frustration. I am a force to be reckon with even in the midst of my trials and hardships #savage. I say don’t stay down forever. Know God for who he has been IN YOUR LIFE .Try to pick yourself up as fast as you can, it’s not about feeling low cause that happens IT’S LIFE ..the key is not staying in that low place. Satan has a way of trying to make us believe that we are nothing, that we aren’t made of the good stuff to endure enough to see our expected ends. He’s quite creative i’ll give him that but its temporal because of the power, of the love and of the sound mind God has given us. We can declare how things go, we can tell satan and his lies where to go and how to get there. We can keep in mind that God loves us regardless of the mistakes we make or have made and we can take back our peace! y’all the truth sets us free. Once you realize that you don’t have to keep sitting and taking whatever satan throws at you including the kitchen sink, you’ll start to fight, you’ll understand that you too are a force to be reckon with. Reintroduce yourself, you are more than a conquerer.


For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind

2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)